Monday, September 20, 2004

Death by Boomerangulation

Bill Clinton had triangulation: measuring the mood of the country through polls, then attempting to put himself somewhere above the two extremes of left and right.

Boomerangulation is the name I've given to John Kerry's campaign strategy.

boo mer an gu la tion
Pronunciation: boo mër äng' gyoo lA' shun
Etymology: Early 21st Century Alabama. Coined by MerryMadMonk from the noun boomerang.
Function: noun
1 : stating your position on an issue only to have your past statements and actions and your record on that issue come back at you
2 : slinging sh*t at the opposition hoping that some of it sticks, only to have it splash back on you

Kerry is perfecting the art of boomerangulation:

Kerry makes his service in Vietnam central to his campaign.
BOOMERANG: Kerry's 1971 Senate testimony. Swift Boat Veterans For The Truth.

Kerry is against the Iraq War.
BOOMERANG: He voted for it.

Kerry constantly complains about the Iraq war.
BOOMERANG: In March 2003, Kerry said he will cease his complaints once the shooting starts. "It's what you owe the troops."

Kerry believes President Bush is mishandling the Iraq war.
BOOMERANG: Kerry gave his full support to President Bush in January 2004 debates.

Kerry says the President's father, George H.W. Bush, handled the 1991 Gulf War brilliantly.
BOOMERANG: In 1991 Kerry voted against the war and said he was convinced that then-President Bush was going about it the wrong way.

Kerry says he'll do a better job than President Bush as commander-in-chief.
BOOMERANG: Kerry voted against 87 Billion dollars in support to our troops.
BOOMERANG: Kerry voted against the B-1 bomber, B-2 bomber, F-14A, F-14D, F-15E, Patriot missile, Aegis air defense cruiser, Trident missle, Strategic Defense Initiative ... as Zell Miller said: against, against, against.
BOOMERANG: Kerry refuses to repudiate or apologize for his 1971 Senate testimony in which he described all who served and were currently serving in Vietnam as war criminals.
BOOMERANG: Kerry met with our enemy in 1971. His picture is on display in communist Vietnam's war musuem as someone who aided their war effort.

John Kerry's latest strategy, to attack President Bush on Iraq, will be the BOOMERANG blow that knocks him out for the count. (That is, if he isn't already out cold from another BOOMERANG, the CBS forgery scandal .. some in the Blogosphere believe there will soon be definitive linkage of those forgeries with the Kerry campaign and the DNC. If so, someone could be trading in their pinstripes for prison stripes).

A part of Kerry's new strategy is to use mothers and other family members of troops who have been killed in Iraq to go after President Bush. It will have just the opposite of its intended effect. People will empathize with President Bush and scorn Kerry. If he proceeds with that plan (a despicable new low), the thud from the BOOMERANG will be heard from coast to coast.

What sissyboy came up with that idea?!

It shows a complete misunderstanding of our All-American, All-Volunteer military. Training for war and conducting war is what they do. War means fighting, killing and dying. It is a brutal, bloody, dirty, and often thankless (see the Dems on that one) task. The beauty of the All-Volunteer military is no one is forced to do it. Oh you mean they signed up for college tuition only? MUU-HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Let's get real. The vast majority of people in our Armed Forces are professionals who know only too well what it's all about. They are patriots who make more sacrifices in a year than most people make in a lifetime. They are happy warriors. They are samurai.

Please let's not dishonor their service by having public wailing and gnashing of teeth. Only girly-men could come up with this as part of a campaign strategy.

So Johnnie, fling that thing and enjoy its flight . . . but don't be surprised when this BOOMERANG hits back hard enough to make YOU the wailer and gnasher of teeth.

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