Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Memo For Mr/Mrs/Ms Undecided

The first Campaign 2004 Presidential Debate will be held Thursday (8pm Central) in Miami, Florida. The theme of this debate will be foreign policy.

These debates are not for the candidates' supporters. Nothing that is said, nothing that will happen will change the way we will vote in November.

So who are they for? Yes, that's right -- you -- the great unwashed, willy-nilly, namby-pamby undecideds.

You make me ill.

What on earth is there to be undecided about in these post-9/11 times?
What part of the twin towers crashing down did you not understand?
Are you ignorant or apathetic? Or both?
Have you been living under a rock these past several years?
Do you not give a damn about your country?
Have you been living under a rock, plus don't give a damn?

Do you always have that pig-staring-at-a-wristwatch look?

Let me put it this way --

Do you want the police officer answering your call about a prowler to be undecided?
Do you want the EMT responding to your traffic accident to be undecided?
How about the fire fighters responding to your house fire?
How about the doctor who is performing your emergency appendectomy?


So why is it that you think it's OK to be undecided about the fate of this nation?

If you haven't figured it out yet, Mr/Mrs/Ms Undecided, I don't have much respect for you -- not with all that has happened, not with all the information that is available today.

But yes, these debates are for you. Happy?

Immediately after each debate, Frank Luntz will be with a room full of your fellow mushheads relating how they reacted to the debates and whether the debates have helped them make up their minds.


Do you people have no shame?

Does the fate of our nation rest with such people as you?

It is a sickening thing to contemplate.

What was that?


I apologize. I forgot you were there. You may go now.