Thursday, September 09, 2004

Uncle Henry

The Conscience of Mobile

(Uncle Henry can be heard weekdays from 2pm-3pm (U.S. Central Time) on WPMI-AM NewsRadio 710. His show is also streamed
live on the internet

What makes me spend an hour every weekday listening to Uncle Henry?

Well, for one he's old as dirt. No one really knows how old, but it's a safe bet that Uncle Henry was getting the senior citizen discount at the local restaurants long before there was a "Wide World Web", as he calls it.
naw, I shouldn't say that.

He is as wise as an owl -- and he's a hoot.

Uncle Henry discusses issues near and dear to Mobilians and the surrounding communities. Yet, you would be mistaken if you thought his knowledge and wisdom spanned only the local area. He is just as comfortable and informative discussing national and world issues. Even his take on local issues will resonate with listeners in other parts of the country.

I listen to Uncle Henry because he makes me think. He makes me laugh too, especially when he is skewering Mayor Mike Dowd and the Mobile city council.

He comes at things from different angles than most folks. For example, when the city of Mobile bought new robotic garbage trucks, Uncle Henry wondered how the robot would not mistakenly snatch up some little old lady as it made its rounds. How does that robot know what to do? And why in tarnation does Mobile need them? And what happened to the people that did that job before the robots took over. And why haven't the robots saved money and made life easier for the people of Mobile (I think Uncle Henry would enjoy I, Robot, except for the cussing).

He is unfailingly polite to his callers (well .. most of the time). Uncle Henry doesn't cotton to the tinfoil hat crowd that feel compelled to call in, but he's not beyond encouraging them in their delusions. A few months ago, various callers reported hearing morse code being transmitted over the airwaves during the Uncle Henry show (for the record, I also heard the tones). Of course, this brought the conspiracy theorists out in full force. Some claimed that Uncle Henry was sending subliminal messages out to his audience. He did not discourage that belief.

Sometimes, I think Uncle Henry is at his best when quoting Bible verses as he chastises Leeanna, his call-screener, for her manner of dress (mini skirts and t-shirts) or her taste in music (Jimi Hendrix). At least chastisement is what Uncle Henry calls it. I rather think Uncle Henry turns to his Bible to steel himself against the charm of his impish assistant.

In fact, it's worth tuning in to Uncle Henry just to hear Leeanna's sultry, southern accent. Her voice could melt the horns off a billygoat. She's also pretty. If she didn't have a husband, half the men in Mobile and Baldwin counties would be knocking on her door. The other half would be busy filing divorce papers.

Uncle Henry is from another era .. an era when Buddy Holly was singing about Peggy Sue on the radio of a '57 Chevy as its driver pulled into the local drive-in to flirt with the pony-tailed carhops; when RC Cola and Moon Pies were as popular as Starbucks and Krispy Kreme -- when it was safe to leave your house unlocked and go for a walk at night.

Uncle Henry usually ends his show by reminding us to pray -- to pray for Mobile, our president, our troops . . . and not infrequently, Leeanna.

So I'll end this post by saying: pray for Uncle Henry. We're blessed to have him among us.

Who is he? Uncle Henry in his own words:

"I love Jesus. I love George Bush. I think the liberal news media is destroying our nation. I love Rush Limbaugh and his show. I think children should be quiet. I have no use for the new-fangled philosophies, fads, trends and technologies that infect the modern life with satanic rot. I enjoy watching Walker Texas Ranger, Mama's Family, Bonanza, Hee Haw and other such entertainment programs. Do not make noise near my house after 10PM Central time or I will call the Daphne police department on you and you will go to jail. Do not call me on the phone after 8PM unless there is a death in my family. I like growing vegetables and fruits instead of flowers because you can't eat flowers."


Mario500 said...

Greetings fellow weblogger,

Nice to see another site on the World Wide Web with information on the Uncle, besides mine (, a daily account of the show), 710 AM's official site, and of course the Uncle's very own journal. It's likely that I'll be adding this site of yours to my "The Outside" list of links.

Keep up the work of letting the rest of the world know that the Gulf Coast of Mexico does have a voice.

Leeanna Matteson said...

i am blushing!

MerryMadMonk said...

i am pleased :p