Thursday, September 02, 2004

Zell "Daisy Cutter" Miller

The U.S. Air Force's BLU-82B, nicknamed Daisy Cutter, is a 15,000 pound bomb dropped from high altitude. It is a fearsome weapon with a very large lethal radius. When it explodes, the flash can be seen, the sound heard and the concussion felt for miles. It is one of the most intimidating weapons in our arsenal.

Last night the Republican National Convention dropped its own version of the Daisy Cutter on John F. Kerry. It came in the form of U.S. Senator Zell Miller, Democrat from Georgia, and when it was unleashed, the effects of that weapon were no less dramatic than the Air Force version.

Zell Miller absolutely shredded John Kerry's record:

"Listing all the weapon systems that Senator Kerry tried his best to shut down sounds like an auctioneer selling off our national security but Americans need to know the facts."

"The B-1 bomber, that Senator Kerry opposed, dropped 40 percent of the bombs in the first six months of Operation Enduring Freedom. "

"The B-2 bomber, that Senator Kerry opposed, delivered air strikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan and Hussein's command post in Iraq."

"The F-14A Tomcats, that Senator Kerry opposed, shot down Khadifi's Libyan MIGs over the Gulf of Sidra. The modernized F-14D, that Senator Kerry opposed, delivered missile strikes against Tora Bora."

"The Apache helicopter, that Senator Kerry opposed, took out those Republican Guard tanks in Kuwait in the Gulf War. The F-15 Eagles, that Senator Kerry opposed, flew cover over our Nation's Capital and this very city after 9/11."

"I could go on and on and on: against the Patriot Missile that shot down Saddam Hussein's scud missiles over Israel; against the Aegis air-defense cruiser; against the Strategic Defense Initiative; against the Trident missile; against, against, against."

"This is the man who wants to be the Commander in Chief of our U.S. Armed Forces?"

"U.S. forces armed with what? Spitballs?"

If you missed it, go to C-SPAN and watch. You will not be disappointed. You can also google the text version which is great reading, but the fun is in watching Zell Miller deliver it.

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