Sunday, October 31, 2004

Anybody But Bush Martyrs Corps

This list is not comprehensive. If you feel that your group should be added, please use the comments section.

Abu Nidal Organizaton
Abu Sayyaf Group
al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade
al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya
Armed Islamic Group
Asbat al-Ansar
Barbra Streisand
Democratic National Committee
Dixie Chicks
East Turkestan Islamic Movement
Egyptian Islamic Jihad
Eleanor Clift
George Soros
Harakat ul-Mujahidin
Helen Thomas
Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
Jemaah Islamiya
Jimmy Carter
Maureen Dowd
Michael Moore
Molly Ivins
Moro Islamic Liberation Front
Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization
New York Times
North Korea
Palestine Liberation Front
Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Palestinian Liberation Organization
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Special Purpose Islamic Regiment
Ted Kennedy
UK Guardian

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Voter Guide For Undecideds

OFFICIAL M³ Voter Guide For Undecideds

The Monk knows this may be stressful for most of you (I feel your pain), so please take your time as you peruse the guide.

Also see Memo For Mr/Mrs/Ms Undecided.

Hope this helps.


p.s. If you are still undecided, please do the nation a favor and remove your name from the voter registration rolls.

The Next Attack

I'm more disturbed by some of the responses in the blogosphere to the latest Osama tape, than I am by the actual content of Osama's message.

The thinking of some bloggers (to include a couple with very high profiles) is that the tape IS the attack, i.e. al-Qaeda does not have the capability to attack or they would have done it already.

There's very little basis to support that assumption.

Al-Qaeda's modus operandi is to send a message before each attack. That Osama, himself, is in this latest tape and that it is a recently recorded tape is a strong indicator that an attack is coming.

The only questions are Who? What? Where? When? How? .. and how spectacular?

It's disconcerting, to put it mildly, to see how easily some folks are brushing off this latest warning.

Have we done a lot of damage to al-Qaeda in the last 3 years? Yes. Have Osama and his lieutenants been on the run? Yes. Is al-Qaeda still capable of attacking? You betcha! Think Bali and Madrid for starters. Are al-Qaeda operatives in the United States? The assumption is an emphatic YES.

Does this mean the attack will be here in the United States? Not necessarily, but it cannot be ruled out.

I hardly think Osama would have taped the message without a plan that has been coordinated, rehearsed, and readied for execution. Bluffing is not something that builds credibility among other Islamofascists. It would hurt his cause not to follow through.

Assuming that al-Qaeda does not have the capability to attack is a false assumption -- there is NOT enough evidence to support that assumption. We assume away problems at our peril.

So why hasn't the threat level been raised?

Apparently the intelligence community does not have enough specifics to warrant a change. They have one general indicator, the tape. That's not enough specificity to ratchet up the threat warning.

But it does NOT mean that an attack is not imminent. It only means that we don't have sufficient indicators to make that call -- yet.

You can take this to the bank:

The intelligence community is spun up.

High hover.

High pucker factor.


Friday, October 29, 2004

Electoral College Prediction

For more information and analysis go to The Monk's Electoral College 2004 Prediction website.

Don't miss State-By-State Analysis. And add your own comments and analysis in the comments section of this post.

The Scream! & Scream 2! scenarios are 2 examples of an Electoral College tie.

Take a look at the The Shift in the Electoral College since 2000 and why it matters.

Take a stroll down the Florida 2000 memory lane. The Monk presents a day-by-day chronology.

Find out why Florida 2004 will NOT be a repeat of the Florida 2000 Debacle.

The Monk's Prediction

Click on photo to enlarge

The Monk

Bush wins
Popular Vote: 53% Bush - 46% Kerry
Electoral College: 356 Bush - 182 Kerry

Compare with the Weekly Standard staff:

William Kristol

Bush wins
Popular Vote: 52% Bush - 47% Kerry
Electoral College: 348 Bush - 190 Kerry

Stephen Hayes

Kerry wins
Popular Vote: 50% Kerry - 48% Bush
Electoral College: 291 Kerry - 247 Bush

Fred Barnes

Bush wins
Popular Vote: 52% Bush - 47% Kerry
Electoral College: 306 Bush - 232 Kerry

Victorino Matus

Kerry wins
Popular Vote: 49% Kerry - 47% Bush
Electoral College: Kerry 285 - Bush 253

Jonathan V. Last

Bush wins
Popular Vote: 54% Bush - 46% Kerry
Electoral College: 293 Bush - 245 Kerry

Matt Labash

Kerry wins
Popular Vote: 50% Kerry - 49% Bush
Electoral College: 295 Kerry - 243 Bush

Terry Eastland

Bush wins
Popular Vote: 50% Bush - 49% Kerry
Electoral College: 296 Bush -242 Kerry

David Tell

Bush wins
Popular Vote: Bush 48.8% - Kerry 49.4%
Electoral College count known on 11/3/04: Bush 232 - Kerry 231
Electoral College on 1/20/05: Bush 270 - Kerry 267

Katherine Mangu-Ward

Bush wins
Popular Vote: 50% Bush - 50% Kerry
Electoral College: 269 Bush - 269 Kerry--Republican House decides for Bush

Richard Starr

Bush wins
Popular Vote: 49.9% Bush - 49.1% Kerry
Electoral College: 283 Bush - 255 Kerry

David Skinner

Bush wins
Popular Vote: 51% Bush - 49% Kerry
Electoral College: 271 Bush - 267 Kerry

Matthew Continetti

Bush wins
Popular Vote: 50% Bush - 49% Kerry
Electoral College: Bush 281 - Kerry 257.

Rachel DiCarlo

Bush wins
Popular Vote: 51% Bush - 48% Kerry
Electoral College: 298 Bush - 240 Kerry

Michael Goldfarb

Bush wins
Popular Vote: 50% Bush - 49% Kerry
Electoral College: 297 Bush - 241 Kerry

Duncan Currie

Bush wins
Popular Vote: 52% Bush - 47% Kerry
Electoral College: 286 Bush - 252 Kerry

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Takedown: Peters on Kerry

Ralph Peters has been controversial ever since his days as a student at the US Army Intelligence School. He once conducted a scathing critique of the school's Communicative Arts program that left the faculty wondering why they had ever agreed to student-led curriculum reviews -- but that's a story for another time.

Peters' first best-seller, Red Army, was published when we were Captains at Fort Hood, Texas. It's a chilling story of World War III told exclusively from the Soviet perspective.

(Incidently, across the post from Ralph, we had another best-selling author in the 1st Cavalry Division -- Harold Coyle whose first novel, Team Yankee, came out just before Ralph's and was also a blockbuster.)

Ralph is one of the most respected thinkers in the national security arena. He is the E.F. Hutton of military affairs. When he speaks, people listen.

His two recent NY Post columns are must reads. He takes down John Kerry in a way reminiscent of his student days at the Intel school.

A Shameless Lie

Should the United Nations decide who becomes our president? Sen. John Kerry wouldn't mind. He's shamelessly promoting the lies that the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency is telling about Iraq.

A devious IAEA report suggests that 400 tons of explosives were spirited away by our enemies under the noses of our Keystone-Cops troops after the fall of Baghdad. The document just happened to be released in the closing days of our presidential election. Purely a coincidence, of course. Brought to you by those selfless U.N. bureaucrats who failed in Iraq and are now failing in Iran.

Since Kerry's willing to blame our troops for a scandal invented by America-haters, let's look at the story the military way, by the numbers.

Read more

Terror Takes A Stand

Soldiers don't beg. But an old friend of mine who's still in uniform came close the other day. He badly wanted me to write another column before Election Day stressing that our troops are winning in Iraq.

He's an Army veteran of three wars. Now he's working to help Iraq become a democratic model for the Middle East. And he's worried.

Not about terrorists or insurgents. He's afraid John Kerry will be elected president.

Read more

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Who Do You Trust?



Kerry Dishonors Our Warriors

It should come as no surprise to anyone that John Kerry does not miss an opportunity to denigrate and dishonor our military.

He has a track record going back to 1971. Back then he accused the military of war crimes such as, razing villages, raping women, murdering civilians, chopping off heads, hands, ears. He has a 20-year Senate record of voting against improving our military.

He is now second-guessing our generals, denigrating the valor of our soldiers, and spewing the propaganda of our enemy.

The ground campaign of Operation Iraqi Freedom was one of the boldest, fastest, most masterful operations in the annals of military history. General Tommy R. Franks has earned a spot in the history books right up there with Hannibal, Stonewall Jackson, and George S. Patton, Jr. Military professionals will still be talking about that ground offensive and the bravery, skill, tenacity and cunning of our soldiers and marines long after most of us are gone and forgotten.

As a result, the Iraqi people have a chance to live in freedom. As a result, Saddam and his henchmen will no longer be slaughtering hundreds of thousands of their fellow countrymen. As a result, the United States of America has one less madman to worry about. As a result, the United States is in a position to make real, lasting changes in the Middle East.

The idea that someone like Kerry would presume to know more about military strategy, operational art, and tactics than Tommy R. Franks is laughable.

Kerry spent only 4 years on active duty and about 4 months in a combat zone.

Tommy Franks' spent 35 years on active duty, including 4 combat zones.

He went from being a private to a 4-star general and nothing came easy on the way. He's been a platoon leader, company commander, battalion commander, brigade commander, division commander, army commander and regional commander.

He served his FULL tour in Vietnam and EARNED his Purple Hearts.

In fact, let's take a look at some of General Franks' decorations:

3 Defense Distinguished Service Medals
2 Distinguished Service Medals
4 Legion of Merit Medals
3 Purple Hearts
3 Bronze Star Medals (each one with a "V" for valor)
1 Air Medal (with "V" for valor)
1 Army Commendation Medal (with "V" for valor)

His Purple Hearts were for wounds that put him in the hospital. Tommy Franks could have easily been awarded additional Purple Hearts, but he's the kind of man who felt that if a wound didn't require hospitalization then he didn't think he ought to have a Purple Heart.

Contrast that to Kerry's 1st Purple Heart. Self-inflicted. Not the result of enemy fire. A slither of metal in his arm that was removed with tweezers. A "wound" that was treated with a bandaid.

Or Kerry's 3rd Purple Heart. Friendly fire. Not the result of enemy fire. Rice grains embedded in his butt when some bags of rice on a sampan were shot at by a fellow boat crewman.

Why does Kerry refuse to sign Standard Form 180, releasing his FULL military records? Because he knows that if he did, the country would know what his fellow Swift Boat Veterans know.

Tommy Franks came home from Vietnam after 12 months of intense combat. He didn't turn into a hippie and antiwar protestor. He didn't falsely accuse his fellow soldiers of war crimes. He didn't testify before the U.S. Senate. He didn't meet secretly with our enemy. He didn't betray our country.

No. Tommy Franks went right on soldiering, serving his country. He took the lessons he had learned in the crucible of combat and he set out to make the Army better, one soldier at a time. As mentioned before, he commanded at almost every level in the Army, spending most of his career where the rubber meets the road, where the metal meets the meat. When he wasn't in a troop unit, he was in key staff positions helping make the Army better. He led the effort in transforming the modern Army into the lethal, lightning fast force it is today.

John Kerry is not fit to carry Tommy Franks' duffel bag.

Kerry has also not missed a chance to try to demoralize our troops: wrong war, wrong time, wrong place. Message to our troops: Your sacrifices don't count. Your blood, sweat, and tears are for naught.

Someone please explain to me how that message does not serve the interests of our enemy.

I've said it before and I'll say it again because it needs to be said. The rhetoric of John Kerry and the Democrats has become indistinguishable from the propaganda of al-Qaeda.

Further, the violence, vandalism and voter fraud of the Democrats are tactics most closely associated with the enemies of freedom.

It's what the tattered remnants of the Taliban threatened during the Afghanistan elections. They were unsuccessful because of our military.

The people who don't want free elections in Iraq are the remnants of the Ba'ath party and the al-Qaeda terrorists and sympathizers. But Iraq WILL have free elections. Thanks to our military.

How dare John Kerry and the Democrats denigrate our troops! They have liberated 50 million people from two of the most oppressive regimes since Hitler's Nazi Germany.

John Kerry and his fellow Democrats dishonor our military. They dishonor America. Too many of their supporters are filled with hate and rage.

Now if you're a Democrat and you don't despise your military and you love your country and you aren't filled with hate and rage -- then get control of your party, or start a new one, or join the GOP -- because I'm telling you, the ones leading it now have more in common with the communist North Koreans I sat across the table from at Pan Mun Jom than the Democrats I once knew.

Kerry and McAulliffe and the rest of the Democrat leadership are dangerously close to taking this country to a place we will all regret going.

John Kerry could do the country a real service by calling for a stop to the violence and vandalism against Republicans. He could call off the 10,000 trial lawyers waiting in the wings to interfere with the electoral process. He could also demand the arrest and prosecution of anyone involved in falsifying voter registration forms.

But he's not that kind of man. Lynne Cheney nailed it, "He is not a good man".

I want to be clear about something. I don't agree with President Bush on quite a few things.

I do not support President Bush's immigration policy. I don't like it a bit that he's a big spender. I'd rather he had not teamed up with Ted Kennedy on the education bill. I wish he would have pushed for a bigger tax cut. I thought heads should have rolled in the intelligence community after 9/11 - CIA, DIA, NSA, NRO, State, Treasury, FBI, INS, etc.

Having said that, President Bush has proven that he's the the kind of leader we need in this fight for our survival. He has not hesitated to take the fight to our enemy -- councils and summits be damned.

He's one of the best Commanders-in-Chief in the history of our nation. Our troops love and trust him.

He is an honest, decent man. He'll do the right thing even if it costs him the Presidency.

So, I'm beyond tired of hearing John Kerry and the Leftists tear down our President and dishonor our warriors. I'm sick of them making a mockery of our electoral process.

And there is abundant anecdotal evidence that many Democrats feel the same way.

If so, the Left is in for a terrible shock on November 2nd.

No amount of lawyering and rioting will change the outcome.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kerry and Communists

There is now documentary evidence that links the communist regime in Hanoi with John Kerry and his antiwar group, Vietnam Veterans Against The War.

Kerry and the Viet Cong

Discovered papers: Hanoi directed Kerry

Hanoi Approved of Role Played By Anti-War Vets

Newly discovered documents link Vietnam Veterans Against the War to Vietnamese communists

The Monk believes the case was already there.

These newly discovered documents certainly bolster the charge that John Kerry, intentionally and with malice, betrayed his country.

The past matters.

Monday, October 25, 2004

18 Months Ago

From the Drudge Report:



The NYTIMES urgently reported on Monday in an apparent October Surprise: The Iraqi interim government has warned the United States and international nuclear inspectors that nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives are now missing from one of Iraq's most sensitive former military installations.

Jumping on the TIMES exclusive, Dem presidential candidate John Kerry blasted the Bush administration for its failure to "guard those stockpiles."

"This is one of the great blunders of Iraq, one of the great blunders of this administration," Kerry said.

In an election week rush:

**ABCNEWS Mentioned The Iraq Explosives Depot At Least 4 Times
**CBSNEWS Mentioned The Iraq Explosives Depot At Least 7 Times
**MSNBC Mentioned The Iraq Explosives Depot At Least 37 Times
**CNN Mentioned The Iraq Explosives Depot At Least 50 Times

But tonight, NBCNEWS reported: The 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives were already missing back in April 10, 2003 -- when U.S. troops arrived at the installation south of Baghdad!

An NBCNEWS crew embedded with troops moved in to secure the Al-Qaqaa weapons facility on April 10, 2003, one day after the liberation of Iraq.

According to NBCNEWS, the HMX and RDX explosives were already missing when the American troops arrived.

Read more

Is there any sane person who still thinks Old Media/MSM are not in the tank for Kerry?


October 26, 2004
12:22pm Central


News of missing explosives in Iraq -- first reported in April 2003 -- was being resurrected for a 60 MINUTES election eve broadcast designed to knock the Bush administration into a crises mode.

Jeff Fager, executive producer of the Sunday edition of 60 MINUTES, said in a statement that "our plan was to run the story on October 31, but it became clear that it wouldn't hold..."

Elizabeth Jensen at the LOS ANGELES TIMES details on Tuesday how CBS NEWS and 60 MINUTES lost the story [which repackaged previously reported information on a large cache of explosives missing in Iraq, first published and broadcast in 2003].

The story instead debuted in the NYT. The paper slugged the story about missing explosives from April 2003 as "exclusive."

Read more

The New Democrats

A picture is worth . . .

The New Democrats

"If you're wondering about the sheets Smith and Wolff are wearing, they're not Bedouins. As a courtesy, the Pima County jailers use them to cover the lockup's standard-issue orange jumpsuits." -- The Smoking Gun

If you don't quite accept that these two thugs are representative of today's Democratic Party,

a. you've not been keeping up with the news
b. you're a decent Democrat who is in denial
c. both a & b

The mugs shown above belong to the thugs who attacked Ann Coulter.

The Monk's girlfriend (move over Matt)

For more on the thuggery of the new Democratic Party:

Violence & Vandalism

Bullies Storm Republican Offices
Protestors Ransack Bush/Cheney Headquarters In Orlando
Labor Activists Invade Bush's Campaign Sites
Shots fired into Knox Bush/Cheney headquarters
Florida GOP Workers Claim Intimidation by Labor Protesters
3 year old girl attacked by democrat union thugs - Violent Peace Protesters Arrested
Shots fired into W. Virgina GOP HQ
Teens confess to vandalizing campaign signs
Republican campaign signs vandalized
3 more cases
Vandals target GOP campaign signs
More signs
3 computers stolen from Bush's Bellevue campaign office

Voter Fraud

more on NAACP, ACT, Ohio
New Voters Project, Wisconsin
Make Your Vote Count Campaign, Colorado
Democrats indicted, Illinois
Democrats, Iowa
Democrats, Florida
Dead democrats, Florida
PIRGIM, Project Vote, Michigan
Tennessee Citizen Action Group, Tennesee
ACT, Rock the Vote, New Voters Project, Nevada
PIRGIM, North Carolina
Dual-State Voter Registration (NY/FL 68% democrats, 12% Republicans)
Florida Prosecutors Asked To Probe Possible Voter Fraud

Zook Out! Spurrier In?

Today, the University of Florida fired Ron Zook.

Zook was hired 3 years ago when Steve Spurrier left Florida to coach the Washington Redskins.

Spurrier left the Redskins after two disastrous seasons. The Monk believes that had more to do with the Washington Redskins than the Ol' Ball Coach.

Florida has started its search for a new head football coach and Spurrier is at the top of their list. He has said that he is open to discussions.

"I'll cross that bridge if it comes to that," Spurrier told the Orlando Sentinel. "The thing I've tried to do all this year is not be lingering around, acting like I'm waiting for another guy's job. I don't believe that's the right way to do it. But now that he doesn't have a job, I guess there will be some discussion. We'll see what happens."

The Ol' Ball Coach

Steve Spurrier is a class act. He ran one of the cleanest and strictest programs in the NCAA during his 12-year tenure at Florida. And Florida was always one of the top Division I-A teams in the nation -- in other words, he proved that you can have high standards and not only be competitive, but win National Championships.

Spurrier's best known for his offensive genius, but his teams had great defenses and special teams too.

Will he return to the Gators?

I'd love to see Spurrier return to college football and I believe we will see him coaching somewhere next year.

Florida knows this and will try their best to bring him back, rather than have him as an opposing coach at a school such as, say, LSU or Ole Miss.

I don't really care where he coaches just as long as he comes back.

College football needs him more than ever.

Great Big Ol' Lie

The big Kerry story first alluded to by Power Line can be found here.

The Washington Times has uncovered yet another case of Kerry's dishonesty.

Maybe he has a poor memory or an overactive imagination. Or maybe he'll tell us anything he thinks will help him get elected.

Maybe he has grown too comfortable with telling lies.

Maybe baby.

One thing is clear. These are not little lies. These are great big ol' lies. In fact let's create an acronym for it. GBOL. Not bad. I like it. Anyway, his track record is to tell a GBOL to make himself look bigger than what he really is.

There are other reasons for his GBOLs. To save his ass. To score political points. To tear down an opponent or attack an opponent's policy. But along with any of these other reasons, he always tells a GBOL to make himself seem more than he is.

Bill Clinton lied to the nation and then to a federal grand jury, but he wasn't trying to pad his résumé. He just didn't want to admit that he was orally serviced by a young intern in the Oval Office. Does that make it acceptable? No. Was it a GBOL? No. BOL? Yes. Did it speak to Bill Clinton's character? Yes.

But as bad as that was, what Kerry has been doing is much worse.

A boss once told me: Always be more than you seem. People like Kerry turn that on its head.

All of us know the type. They're blowhards. Phony. We don't much care to be around them. And we don't really trust them. And we really, really do not want them to be in positions of power.

Let's look at some of Kerry's other GBOLs.

He lied to get his first Purple Heart.

He lied to get his third Purple Heart (3rd PH meant he could go home early and he did .. 243 days early).

He lied to get a Bronze Star.

He lied about being in Cambodia.

He lied to the U.S. Senate about war crimes.

He lied about endorsements by foreign leaders.

Now Kerry has been caught out with his latest GBOL -- that he met with the entire U.N. Security Council in 2002.

I'm not sure that this story will have an impact, but it should. Maybe it will .. in a cumulative sorta way.

This country does not need a phony as our leader. Not now. Not ever. But especially not now .. when we are at war.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

PFC Foster Barton UPDATE

PFC Foster Barton's mother, Cindi, emailed The Monk while I was away.

PFC Barton returned to the doctor on the 20th and was to get his release date then. He is expected to return to Iraq soon. He is ready to get back to his unit, the 1st Cavalry Division. 1st Cav is leading the fight against the terrorist insurgency in Iraq.

PFC Barton's spirits have been lifted up by all of the support he has received from people all across this nation and his family is grateful to all who took the time to send a note, card, etc.

Cindi asks that we keep her son and all of our troops in our prayers.

She also asks that we pray for her son's attacker. "He needs our prayers, to help control his anger and actions. The next person he assaults may not be as lucky as my son. They may not survive such a beating."

There are many families just like the Bartons in this great country. We owe them more than most of us will ever be able to repay.

Was Unplugged

Back from the land of Breaux and Landrieu and no internet.

Actually the library had internet access (thanks to Bill Gates), but somehow blogging from the 'puter at the liberry just ain't the same.

Besides, it's good to unplug for awhile -- allows one to focus on other issues such as cat/kitten-slaughtering pitbulls and their ignorant, irresponsible owners.

But that's a topic for another time.

It's good to be back, good to be plugged in again.

I'm catching up on the news in the blogosphere -- more Democratic violence, vandalism and voter fraud.

Sheesh! Back to pitbulls, afterall.

More later.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ashley's Story

Everyone needs to watch:

Ashley's Story

Browsing The Blogs

Captain Ed has a must read post on Iran.

Let's not kid ourselves; Iran is not the only country to rule by shari'a, nor is it the only country to stone women to death for "crimes" for which men either receive lesser punishment or escape prosecution entirely. However, it is the only such nation that currently is building a nuclear-fission program and which has missile technology to deliver potential nuclear weapons around the region. It's also the only nation in the world to which John Kerry and John Edwards have offered to give nuclear fuel to see if they put it to peaceful use.

Yeah. And the Iranians have been arresting and jailing bloggers this week. It is likely that some will be put to death. Stop and think about that.

Hugh Hewitt comments on the cluelessness of Kerry. He spoke French during a campaign speech yesterday. The Kerry Spot has the audio.

As Forest Gump might say: Kerry's not a very smot man.

Glenn Reynolds doesn't see the big deal about the Edwards primping video.

Kate O'Beirne does .. and nails it:

The Edwards' primping tape would drive even more women voters into Bush's arms. What woman would vote for a guy who fusses more than she does about how he looks, by ALOT? It would make a great ad: As he feels prettier, should we feel safer? OR Hair today and we're all gone tomorrow. Edwards is half the team that wants to take on the war on terror. Definitely, whoever first called him the Breck Girl should get a raise.

The raise goes to The Doctor of Democracy.

Hindrocket believes "Edwards demonstrates way too much familiarity with how to use a compact."

If you haven't seen it, watch it here.

Andrew Stuttaford gives us more on The Guardian's meddling in our electoral process:

As the Guardian continues to pester the voters of Clark County, Ohio, here is part of the letter that film director Ken Loach is proposing to send:

"You have the chance to do the world a favour. Today, your country is reviled across continents as never before. Because of your president, and some who have preceded him, you are seen as the greatest bully on earth."

Ken, old chap, I'm not convinced that's going to do the trick.

And while you're over at National Review, check out their new blog -- Battlegrounders.

For more on The Guardian story see my earlier post.

I Retort, You Decide

A reader commented, among other things, that I am projecting when I describe John Edwards as a sissy.

In the words of my favorite huckleberry: I beg to differ.

But I'll let you decide.

Sissy Boy

The Monk

Sissy Boy

If anyone thought The Monk was a little hard on John Edwards in my assessment of the Vice Presidential debate, bop on over to Slate. . .

and view this video

Yes, that is a compact.

Our enemies are salivating.

It would almost be funny -- if the threat to our country wasn't so great and the stakes so high.

Don't Make Us Come Over There

The leftwing British tabloid, The Guardian, publishes feedback from America on the The Guardian's project to spam Ohio voters with "how you should vote" emails.

Some of my favorite comments:

Real Americans aren't interested in your pansy-ass, tea-sipping opinions. If you want to save the world, begin with your own worthless corner of it.
Texas, USA

I just read a hilarious proposal to involve your readership in the upcoming US presidential election. At least, I'm hoping that it is genius satire. Nothing will do more to undermine the Democratic cause in Ohio than having patronising Brits wander around Clark County telling people how to vote. Just, for a second, imagine if the Washington Post sent folks from Ohio to do the same in Oxfordshire. I'm saying this as a Democrat, and as someone who has spent the last few years in the UK. That is, with all due respect. Please, please, be rational, and move slowly away from the self-defeating hubris.
United States

Hey England, Scotland and Wales,
Mind your own business. We don't need weenie-spined Limeys meddling in our presidental election. If it wasn't for America, you'd all be speaking German. And if America would have had a president, then, of the likes of Kerry, you'd all be goose-stepping around Buckingham Palace. YOU ARE NOT WANTED!! Whether you want to support either party. BUTT OUT!!!
United States

I enjoy reading your paper and agree with your politics, but this is really too much. Your plan, if carried out, will hurt the Bush opposition TERRIBLY. We cannot afford to have this associated with John Kerry or anyone else. It will be: the press is going in for a kill, days before the election.
United States

My dear, beloved Brits,
I understand the Guardian is sponsoring a service where British citizens write to Americans to advise them on how to vote. Thank heavens! I was adrift in a sea of confusion and you are my beacon of hope!

Feel free to respond to this email with your advice. Please keep in mind that I am something of an anglophile, so this is not confrontational. Please remember, too, that I am merely an American. That means I am not very bright. It means I have no culture or sense of history. It also means that I am barely literate, so please don't use big, fancy words.

Set me straight, folks!
Dayton, Ohio

[And the M³ winner is]:

Consider this: stay out of American electoral politics. Unless you would like a company of US Navy Seals - Republican to a man - to descend upon the offices of the Guardian, bag the lot of you, and transport you to Guantanamo Bay, where you can share quarters with some lonely Taliban shepherd boys.
United States

Read more

Kerry's Blunder Boomerangs

The Monk called this one early:

And what was Kerry's "Cheney's daughter .. the lesbian" all about? Was that really necessary to bring up when answering a question on whether homosexuality is a choice?

I don't think so -- unless it was a not so veiled attempt to remind Christians that the Cheneys have a lesbian daughter!! .. maybe he hoped to peel a few votes away from the Bush-Cheney ticket. If so, he'll need them to make up for a few homosexual votes he lost, because I guarantee you that Kerry's slight was not lost on them.

In fact, that remark about Cheney's daughter may have been one of Kerry's biggest blunders. It can only be explained in the light of a basic truth about liberal elites. They think the American people are stupid.

Another case of boomerangulation -- now a couple of MSM heavyweights are weighing in.

First there is Bob Novak with this Chicago Sun-Times column:

Kerry campaign sources say there was no plan for Kerry to talk about Mary Cheney last Wednesday, and it never came up in the debate prep. Kerry's intimates say he was trying to compliment the Cheneys, but there is absolutely nothing complimentary in what he said. Many Republicans see a calculated plot to depress Bush's social conservative base by revealing the vice president's daughter as a lesbian. But her sexual orientation is such common knowledge on the right that the alleged Democratic plot would be foolish.

Democrats at debate-watching parties gasped in surprise. Wired focus group members across the country displayed an instant negative reaction. Old Democratic political hands, in disbelief, tried to convey their unhappiness to Kerry. Even Kerry's Republican friend, Sen. John McCain, publicly criticized the Democratic nominee.

The only Kerry aide on the plane who wanted him to quickly issue an apology for any perceived insult was senior adviser Mike McCurry, the former Clinton spokesman who is a calm, cool voice among the overheated Kerryites. McCurry was alone. The Kerry brain trust argued that the Bush people were even nastier, and this was no time to be soft.

Instead of an apology, the rhetoric escalated. Democrats outside the campaign were stunned by the words that followed. Kerry's usually serene campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill referred to Mary Cheney as ''fair game.'' The peak in meanness was attained by Elizabeth Edwards, the motherly wife of vice presidential nominee John Edwards. She contended the outburst against Kerry by Mary's mother, Lynne, ''indicates a certain degree of shame'' toward her daughter. It is difficult to exaggerate Lynne Cheney's outrage over Elizabeth Edwards' suggestion.

And then we have the venerable William Safire of the New York Times (Link requires registration):

The memoir about the Kerry-Edwards campaign that will be the best seller will reveal the debate rehearsal aimed at focusing national attention on the fact that Vice President Cheney has a daughter who is a lesbian.

That this twice-delivered low blow was deliberate is indisputable. The first shot was taken by John Edwards, seizing a moderator's opening to smarmily compliment the Cheneys for loving their openly gay daughter, Mary.

The percentage of voters aware of Mary Cheney's sexual orientation was tiny.

But Edwards's answer in the vice-presidential debate raised that percentage. Because Cheney refused to react and the media did not see the spotlight on lesbianism as part of a political plan, the opening shot worked.

Emboldened, members of Kerry's debate preparation team made Mary Cheney's private life the centerpiece of their answer to the question, especially worrisome to them, about same-sex marriage. Kerry was prepped to insert her sexuality into his rehearsed answer: "If you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian. ..."

But in this second time around, the gratuitous insertion of Cheney's daughter into an answer slipping around a hot-button social issue revealed that it was part of a deliberate Kerry campaign strategy.

One purpose was to drive a wedge between the Republican running mates. President Bush supports a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to a union of a man and a woman; Cheney has long been on record favoring state option, but always adds that the president sets administration policy. That rare divergence of views is hardly embarrassing.

The sleazier purpose of the Kerry-Edwards spotlight on Mary Cheney is to confuse and dismay Bush supporters who believe that same-sex marriage is wrong, to suggest that Bush is as "soft on same-sex" as Kerry is, and thereby to reduce a Bush core constituency's eagerness to go to the polls.

It should hurt Kerry. It's not about Mary Cheney's lesbianism. It's all about John Kerry's character .. or lack thereof.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Black Bart's Daughter

Power Line publishes Laura Bartholomew Armstrong's An Army Brat's Case Against John Kerry.

Laura is the daughter of the late, great Lieutenant Colonel Roger "Black Bart" Bartholomew of 1st Cavalry Division fame. LTC Bartholomew was killed in action in Vietnam.

Black Bart, my dad, distinguished himself in the battle of the Ia Drang first in 1965, when he was Charlie Battery commander for the 2nd of the 20th First Air Cav. . . .Like so many of you, Black Bart volunteered for a second tour and served as Battalion Cmdr. of the 4th of the 77th 101st Airborne. Just before Thanksgiving, 1968, we learned he was shot down and reported missing while taking out an enemy gun emplacement. That dreaded knock on the door came during The Macy’s parade, the memory of that seared forever in my brain.

And speaking of SEARED, ironically, dad’s funeral was held almost the same time a young John Kerry was seeing the doc about a splinter, and requesting his first purple heart.

Please let me emphasize… there are worse things than losing your dad in a war.
I soon realized that the myths and lies created by people with political agendas can be far more hurtful. It was bad enough to hear our dads criticized by those who hated the military, but to hear Kerry and his radical veterans distort the truth and tarnish every honorable action caused a righteous hurt and anger. Their lies dominated in the American dialogue, while your stories of valor went untold. Sound familiar?

What John Kerry and his political backstabbers did in the early ‘70s took no courage. It simply took a ringleader with access to Teddy Kennedy and the willingness to sacrifice truth and honor. More than any other person, that ringleader, Kerry, was responsible for the atmosphere of hatred and disdain you all came home to.

I believe you didn’t complain because nothing like this had occurred before you. Kerry’s traitorous testimony in ’71…was an unforgettable moment that cut deep through the ranks, as we’ve heard here today. But you all had lives to build, and so you did, putting the past behind you. You tolerated the lies and stereotypes all these years. But today, this guy has made it this far in the political process -- and we stand here to object.

Let’s remind Americans this is NOT a squabble between America’s veterans, as so many talking heads want people to believe. This is about the CHARACTER AND JUDGEMENT OF one man-- John Kerry. This is about holding him accountable for his actions, especially now in a time of war and when the well-being of our military is at stake. There is no statute of limitations when the honor of a generation has been grievously stomped upon.

Read more here

Hugh Hewitt's Symposium

The post below this one is for Hugh Hewitt's Symposium -- Vox Blogoli IV: Why vote for Bush, and what's wrong with Kerry?.

Vote For President Bush

Why vote for Bush and what's wrong with Kerry?

President Bush has demonstrated that he is completely serious about the security of our nation. He is relentlessly pursuing our enemy. They are dying in the mountains of Afghanistan and the deserts of Iraq.

John Kerry's past shows a stunning lack of regard for our national security.

He slandered our military in his 1971 Senate testimony. He betrayed our nation when he met with the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong in Paris, France in 1971.

Giving aid and comfort to our enemy did not stop in 1971.

In 1986, he met with Daniel Ortega, leader of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, to urge Ortega not to knuckle under to President Reagan's pressure on their communist regime.

He voted against the 1991 Gulf War (which exceeded all conditions of his "Global Test").

He voted for the current Iraq War, but voted against funding our troops.

His senate record is filled with votes against improving our military and intelligence organizations.

John Kerry and the liberal Democrats foolishly slashed our military strength in the 1990s. They cut the Army from 18 divisions to 10. They cut the Navy from 600 ships to less than 300. They likewise decimated the Air Force. At the same time, they increased the military's operational tempo by 300% -- sending them to deal with such "national security threats" as Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo.

His party's rhetoric and pamphlets are inciting violence, vandalism and voter fraud. He's done nothing to stop it.

John Kerry cannot be trusted to lead this nation during war.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Alert: Army Missions Unsafe!

Or so CNN is breathlessly reporting. Have they no clue at all???

One of my favorite scenes in the movie, "Blackhawk Down", involves a young Ranger and his commander, Lieutenant Colonel Danny McKnight (whom I served with in the 5th Infantry Division). LTC McKnight and his Rangers are navigating through Mogadishu trying to link up with a company of his Rangers that had earlier air assaulted into a very bad part of "The Mog". McKnight's convoy encounters intense enemy fire. His young driver yells, "Colonel, they're shooting at us!". McKnight responds, "Well, shoot back goddamit!"

Damn good advice. Someone needs to explain that to the Platoon Leader and Platoon Sergeant of the service support platoon of the 343rd Quartermaster Company (U.S. Army Reserve) who refused to do their mission because they were concerned for their safety.

I don't expect civilians to completely understand the nature of combat, but I think most understand that it is inherently unsafe.

I can just imagine my First Sergeant dealing with a situation such as that:

Platoon Sergeant: Top, we're not going to deliver the supplies to the guys on the line. It's not safe to go there.

First Sergeant: Uh-huh. Well tell ya what, Sergeant. You don't have to. You are relieved from your duties as Platoon Sergeant. Go see the company clerk to set up an appointment with Trial Defense, because when I get back from leading this convoy, I'm gonna have your sorry ass court-martialed. Now get the fuck out of my sight! And stay the fuck out or I'll rip your fucking heart out and shove it up your ass.

First Sergeant (to platoon): Aiiight, I'm leading this convoy today because your Platoon Sergeant .. make that ex-Platoon Sergeant .. is a pussy and a fucking coward and I will NOT have a fucking coward leading you brave soldiers. While on this convoy I will be keeping an eye on the section sergeants because I intend to make one of you the new Platoon Sergeant after this mission. Got it? Fucking A! Aiight, any of you soldiers here got second thoughts about going on the mission, tell me now! No? Good! Now let's go get this food, water and ammo up to the guys that need it most -- and if anyone gets in our way it'll be a dark day in Black Rock for the sonsofbitches coz we're gonna light their asses up with coordinated, interlocked M-16 fire. Hoo-ah? Hooooooooo-AAAAAAAAH!

Now that's about how it really works in most Army units. The worst thing you can ever do is show cowardice in the face of the enemy. Fear is OK. It's OK to be afraid. It builds character. But to refuse to do your mission because you can't handle your fear? That, ladies and gentlemen, is cowardice. And cowardice is an indicator of a poorly trained, undisciplined leader.

The Spirit of the Warrior is not instilled in the leaders of this unit.

Not safe to take the convoy up the road. Shit. When I saw that I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Is this a result of the feminization of our society? Maybe. But my gut tells me that it is yet one more case of untrained/poorly trained leaders.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Debate #3

This was a stronger win for President Bush than Debate #2.

The President did everything he needed to do and he did it with straight talk.

On the other hand, the more we watch and listen to Kerry, the more he comes across as a snake oil salesman. He's got a ways to go to match his running mate, John "The Healer" Edwards, but he's still a pretty slick peddler.

The one time in the debate that Kerry didn't come across as a smarmy, snake oil selling machine was when, responding to the question about the women in the candidates' lives, Kerry said that like President Bush and Bob Schieffer, he married up -- maybe a little farther up than them. It got a lot of laughs. It was a good line. Even Kerry laughed.

President Bush answered this question before Kerry and he got even more laughs when he responded, "I listen to 'em - don't scowl, stand up straight."

In talking about the issues, it was crystal clear that President Bush is guided by principle; Kerry by polls.

Catholics must get sick every time Kerry talks about what a good Catholic he is.

And what was Kerry's "Cheney's daughter .. the lesbian" all about? Was that really necessary to bring up when answering a question on whether homosexuality is a choice?

I don't think so -- unless it was a not so veiled attempt to remind Christians that the Cheneys have a lesbian daughter!! .. maybe he hoped to peel a few votes away from the Bush-Cheney ticket. If so, he'll need them to make up for a few homosexual votes he lost, because I guarantee you that Kerry's slight was not lost on them.

In fact, that remark about Cheney's daughter may have been one of Kerry's biggest blunders. It can only be explained in the light of a basic truth about liberal elites. They think the American people are stupid.

And that elitist attitude explains a lot about most of the statements and answers that John Kerry gave last night.

President Bush is one of us. We may not agree with him on everything, but we know where he stands and we know he's honest about his convictions. He doesn't put on airs. What you see is what you get. That means a lot. Doesn't matter whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, people appreciate and respect someone who stands on principle .. someone who reflects their values.

I am convinced that out of respect for the Presidency, President Bush holds back on criticizing the previous administration .. not necessarily out of respect for Bill Clinton, but I mean the Office of the President.

In all 3 debates, time and time again, President Bush passed up the opportunity to win points by condemning Bill Clinton's handling of the military.

Every time John Kerry whines about the military being overstretched, he speaks the truth -- but concern about the military is not credible coming from John Kerry or any other liberal Democrat.

Why isn't it credible?

Because Bill Clinton and the liberal Democrats decimated our military. I was there when it happened. They cut the Army from 18 divisions to 10 .. sent 300,000 soldiers packing. They cut the Navy in half .. from 600 ships to 300. The Air Force was equally decimated.

They tried to have Defense on the cheap, shifting assets, that were best left in the active duty lineup, to the Guard and Reserves. And where in the heck is my part of the Peace Dividend? Remember that? I think we received payment on 9/11 if truth be told.

So while the Dems cut, slashed and hacked our military strength, they increased our operational tempo (deployments) by 300% -- sending us to deal with such "national security threats" as Haiti and Bosnia and Kosovo (we're still there carrying the Europeans' water).

And there's more .. 20 out of 22 of our Army training centers were rated at the very lowest level of readiness. Political Correctness ran rampant. "Consideration of Others Training" came close to trumping combat training .. and on and on.

Remember these headlines?

Click on photo to enlarge

"An Army In Decline -- What Clinton-Gore accomplished that our enemy could not".

President Bush inherited a mess. What took 15 years to rebuild after Vietnam, the Democrats decimated in Clinton's first term.

By the middle of Clinton's second term, the military readiness situation was dire. Plans for further cuts were shelved. Secretary Of Defense William Cohen tacitly admitted that the cuts had been too deep. The Defense Department initiated a program to try to get recently cut junior officers and noncomissioned officers to return to active duty. The service chiefs from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines were dispatched to Capitol Hill to ask for more resources.

The Clinton administration learned too late that it is easier to tear the military down than it is to build it back. With a stroke of the pen you can cut the force, but it takes years to train replacements. It takes years to build the Staff Sergeants, Sergeants First Class, Captains, and Majors -- those mid-level ranks that run the military -- the ones who took the brunt of Clinton's cuts.

Then before President Bush had even completed 8 months in office, with our military force structure dangerously thin, with our operational tempo still hovering around 300% over norm, with our military stretched to the breaking point .. two terrorist-guided commercial jets brought down the twin towers, another crashed into the Pentagon and another, aimed at either the Capitol or the White House, crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania when brave passengers said "Let's Roll!" and attacked the terrorists.

We have been at war ever since.

And our overstretched military has performed in a manner that brings tears of admiration and pride to my eyes. Their morale is sky high. Even though they are overworked, they believe in themselves, their country, their mission .. and they trust and love their Commander-in-Chief. They start their day saying, "Good morning, World. I'm gonna kick your ass!"

But yes, they are overstretched. Thanks to liberals.

So when the President says, "It's hard work", you can't even begin to imagine how hard unless you have served in the military.

President Bush could very easily lay the blame for our military being overstretched at the feet of the Clinton administration and congressional Democrats, but it is not his nature to play the blame game or condemn a former President. There's work to do. Hard work.

President Bush is leading this country through tough times. He is doing a tremendous job and he deserves another 4 years .. we deserve another 4 years of his leadership .. our troops deserve to have him as their Commander-in-Chief another 4 years.

Lastly, if you haven't done so already, I highly recommend that you view the latest Swift Boat Veterans/POWs ads. And when you do, think of our troops and who you would rather have leading them as they fight on the front lines of this epic battle against evil.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Swift Vets & POWs

Swift Vets And POWs For The Truth released 2 new ads today. You can find them and all the other Swiftie/POW ads linked in the sidebar at the right.

These two recent ads will make their television debut on "Monday Night Football".

One gentleman in the ad entitled "Why?" questions Kerry's ability to lead our troops because he condemned their fathers and grandfathers. His name is Bud Day.

George E. "Bud" Day
Major, U.S. Air Force

The medal you see around his neck is the Medal of Honor. Read about his amazing story here:,13190,MoH_George_Day,00.html

John Kerry dishonored these men.

He dishonored all Vietnam veterans.

He dishonored this country.

He continues to dishonor them and by doing so, continues to dishonor our country.

There are many reasons why John Kerry is unfit for the Presidency.

The Swift Vets & POWs For Truth give us reason #1.

For you lefties reading this blog, I know you're howling that none of this is true. I have a question for you:

If it's not true, why hasn't John Kerry (lawyer/multi-millionaire that he is) sued the Swifties/POWs for slander and libel?


Democrats: A New Low

This was first brought to our attention by Michelle Malkin yesterday.

More despicable Democrat bigotry

According to Michelle, the person responsible for the flyer is Democrat Craig Fitzhugh. He is running for office in House District 82 in Tennessee.

By the way, if you're not reading Michelle Malkin, you are missing out on one of the brightest young minds of the 21st Century.

Where is the outrage? It's on the Right. Apparently the Left thinks this is funny. And since Old Media is part of the Left, you probably will not be seeing much coverage.

I wonder what Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of the real JFK, thinks of this.

I know what President Bush thinks of it.

President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush greet Katy Wilson of Georgia at a White House dinner celebrating Special Olympics.

"The Brave And Generous Spirit Of Special Olympics" President Bush's Remarks At The White House Dinner Honoring The Spirit Of Special Olympics:

"We gather here to celebrate the achievement of Special Olympics and those who compete. The story of our country is an ever-widening circle, a society in which everyone has a place and everyone has something to give. Special Olympics brought that spirit into the lives of more than a million children and adults across the world, and I thank you for that.

Most of all, I congratulate the Global Messengers and athletes with us this evening: Cindy Bentley, Henry Moretti, Mohammad Nassar, Jia Sirui, Victor Stewart, Katy Wilson, Loretta Claiborne and Ricardo Thornton.

Each one of you has been recognized for giving your best, for sharing your many gifts with others, and for living out the Special Olympics Oath, "Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt." Each one of you has set high goals and you have met them through hard work and courage."

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Through Our Enemy's Eyes

Know your enemy.

It's taught at the US Army Intelligence Center. It's practiced daily in the field .. out there where the combat divisions, brigades, and battalions do their work defending us.

They train to know our enemy to the best of their ability. (And OBTW, it's just as important to know what we don't know about our enemy).

They learn his capabilities through studying his culture, organization and equipment, strategy and doctrine, tactics and techniques. From these they try to discover his intent .. What makes him tick? What's he up to? How will he act in any given situation? How will he react to a given action? How will he counteract our actions?

That second part, his intent, is the most difficult. It requires getting inside his head, trying to think as he thinks .. see the situation as he would see it, as opposed to thinking and seeing as an American would.

Predicting what an enemy will do is high art. To achieve any degree of success requires thorough study and solid intelligence. Some enemies, such as the North Koreans, are only predictable to the extent that they will almost always do the unpredictable.

I was sitting here today revisiting something I've thought about many times since September 11, 2001.

What did we look like to the enemy that attacked us? What did he think he learned about us in the years preceeding 9/11?

We're an open society. Intelligence collection by our enemies is never very hard. Yes, we have secrets, but there are thousands of open source documents .. and there is the internet and our media. More than enough information to make an assessment of our history, culture, organization, equipment, strategy, tactics .. and our will.

So, prior to 9/11, what did we look like to al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden?

Through Our Enemy's Eyes

America was soft, decadent, naive .. and sorely lacking in willpower.

America lacked the will to follow through in most wars and conflicts since World War II. This lack of resolve resulted in a stalemate in Korea, a defeat in Vietnam, a defeat in Iran, a defeat in Lebanon, a defeat in Somalia, a stalemate in Iraq.

1. With the exception of the Cold War, America has failed to follow through in most wars and conflicts since World War II .. America did not finish the job .. did not have the will to finish the job.

Korean War - a stalemate at the 38th parallel after 3 years of intense fighting. Did not have the national will to confront China. Truman stopped MacArthur at the Yalu.

Vietnam War - a defeat after 10 years of war. The American military won every major battle, but lost the war at home: lack of national will and lack of national unity -- due in large measure to the antiwar Left and the media. Did not have the national will to fight an all-out war in Southeast Asia.

Operation Desert One - The disasterous hostage rescue attempt in Iran in 1980 demonstrated that the American military was still weak and had not recovered from its defeat in Vietnam.

Operation Desert Storm - The American military that routed the Iraqi army was highly trained, maybe the best military force ever fielded. Yet the Americans lacked the national will to finish the job .. to take the fight to Baghdad. The Americans watched as the Shi'ites in the southern part of Iraq rose up against Saddam's regime, only to be brutally crushed.

Operation Restore Hope - In Somalia, the Americans ran when confronted with the deaths of their Rangers. America did not have the will to finish the job.

2. America does not have the will to confront international terrorism. With the exception of a few isolated cases, America retreated or took no action in the face of terrorism.

1983 - Marines slaughtered in Beirut, Lebanon. The Americans packed up and went home after lobbing a few rounds from their naval ships.

1993 - The first World Trade Center bombing elicited no response other than a criminal investigation. America was not serious about confronting terrorism. America lacked the will.

1996 - The truck bombing of Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia which killed 19 American military people .. again another criminal investigation. The Americans are soft. Their soldiers are slaughtered and their response is a grand jury.

1998 - The destruction of the American Embassies in Africa elicited only a half-hearted military response. The Americans are soft. They do not have the stomach to confront terrorist organizations.

2000 - The bombing of the USS Cole .. yet another criminal investigation. No military response. The Americans are soft. No will.

3. America is politically, culturally, and morally naive and decadent.

Americans don't like their military. They foolishly cut it time and time again. Their army went from 780,000 in 1990 to less than 450,000 by 1997. From 18 army divisions to 10. They cut their navy from 600 ships to less than 300. They cut their air wings by half.

The American political Left and Right can be played against one another.

The Left appears to be the dominant political group. The doves are on the Left. The American media are on the Left. Anti-Israel activism is on the Left. The Left can be allies and dupes in the struggle ahead.

Americans do not take the long view. The farthest they think into the future is a decade or two, instead of centuries. It causes them to misunderstand and underestimate groups that do look beyond a couple of generations.

Americans prefer MTV to God.

Americans can't keep their women under control.

Americans prefer Hollywood to holiness.

Americans are the children of Satan.

Americans are the root of all evil.

They perceived weakness on our part and launched their Islamofascist crusade.

It lasted a long time without significant consequence to the terrorists. They attacked us at will -- at times and places of their choosing.

Then al-Qaeda and their allies miscalculated badly. They slaughtered thousands on that September day in 2001 thinking that the war would continue on their terms.

They did not count on the resolve of President Bush and the resolve of the American people led by such a leader.

We no longer look so soft.

Who among us would want to go back to the pre-9/11 days when our enemies thought we were chumps?

"We have to get back to the place we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they're a nuisance" -- John Kerry, October 10, 2004

Monday, October 11, 2004

More Leftist Violence & Vandalism


Letter To AFL-CIO President John Sweeney

Mr. John Sweeney
815 16th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20006
October 11, 2004

Dear Mr. Sweeney:

Over the past several weeks, acts of violence and vandalism have occurred at Republican and Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters across the country. In addition to the injuries, property damage and disruption associated with these acts, these events have created a threatening and intimidating atmosphere abhorrent to our democratic process.

On October 5th, according to news reports, witnesses, police reports and admissions of your members, the AFL-CIO, as part of a national strategy, protested at more than a dozen of our campaign and party headquarters across the country. In many locations, the protestors attempted to enter, or entered, campaign or party facilities. As one protestor said, "Actually, we're storming into an office." In Orlando, Florida, injuries and damage were sustained. Protestors forced their way into the facility, fracturing the arm of one staffer, and vandalized the office. In Michigan, protestors entered a headquarters and engaged in activities apparently intended to disrupt volunteers trying to make phone calls.

Protests by your organization come on the heels of several other incidents at Bush-Cheney '04 offices around the country, including a break-in at our Seattle office where laptop computers were stolen from the Washington State Bush-Cheney ’04 executive director and the state Republican Party 72-hour director. Just last night in Canton, Ohio, a Bush-Cheney '04 staffer was forced to lock herself in an office while another break-in was in progress. The facility was seriously damaged and property was stolen. Additionally, gun shots have been fired into Bush-Cheney '04 offices in West Virginia, Florida and Tennessee, windows broken in West Virginia and campaign staffers threatened. In Wisconsin, a supporter of the President had a swastika burned into his front yard simply because he had a Bush-Cheney '04 lawn sign. We urge your support in helping us ensure the safety of all individuals working on our campaign and others as we are making every effort to secure the safety of all participants in the political process.

I hope you will put an end to protest activities that have led to injuries, property damage, vandalism and voter intimidation. We will hold you and your organization accountable for the actions of your members and urge you to immediately discontinue any coordinated protest efforts that result in damage to our facilities, or injury to people who may hold different political views than your members, but who share an equal right to be involved in the political process without suffering violence, intimidation and threats.


Gov. Marc Racicot, Bush-Cheney '04 Campaign Chairman

It appears that the AFL-CIO is responsible for some of the vandalism and violence against Bush/Cheney headquarters in various states. ORGANIZED crime, in other words.

I think we have a few federal statutes dealing with that.

I don't care how loud the Left screams, the U.S. Justice Department needs to get on top of this and fast.

A few FBI raids on AFL-CIO state headquarters in Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, Tennessee, Washington, and West Virginia would be a good start. There sure seems to be enough probable cause.

I don't care if the Left is baiting the Feds hoping that they will conduct raids and make arrests so that the Lefties can scream Nazi!

It won't sell. This is America. We have laws. The laws are being violated. The violators need to be arrested and prosecuted.

So far I have only found one national publication that has even mentioned the ongoing lawlessness of the Left. John Fund of the Opinion Journal has a good summary.

Otherwise, all the stories are local. No national coverage.

Does someone have to die before the networks start covering this?

Why isn't John Kerry out there condemning this criminal behavior? Oh .. I forgot .. if he did, it might cause the networks to cover it.

I wonder how many Democrats are being turned off by the thuggery coming from their party. I mean those in the areas where this is happening and being reported by local media. (How else would they know? -- unless they're reading blogs, that is)

The Democratic Party needs a heavy dose of good old Democrats -- I'm not sure what has hold of it right now, but it bears no resemblance to the Democrat I once was (a looooooong time ago).

Damn. Was I really? It's painful to recall, but yes, I was. Then came a man named Reagan and he invited a bunch of us to join his party. We did .. by the thousands.

We need at least two healthy parties. I'm all for a strong Democratic Party. I don't mind the competition of ideas at all.

But today's Democratic party is less about ideas than demagoguery .. and lately -- lawlessness.

You'd think we'd have enough to worry about with al-Qaeda threatening to strike us, but noooooooooo -- the Left in this country has decided to get in on the act, too.

I call it like I see it. What the Left is doing is criminal. It is hateful. It is meant to be intimidating. It only takes a few steps to go the whole enchilada.

They've already crossed the line into criminality. They are perilously close to stepping over the line to terrorism. Firing shots into occupied buildings? .. what next? car bombs?

3 more weeks. A lot can happen in 3 weeks.

Fasten your seatbelts.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Debate #2

Friday night we saw the W we know and love. The President came to kick ass and that's just what he did. He won in both style and substance.

And he won despite Charlie Gibson and one of the most blatantly partisan bunch of "undecideds" we've ever seen.

Could you believe that? Yeah, me neither. They were no more authentic than the trumped up web polls that the networks kept touting after the debate. So Kerry won by 73%? Wow! Well hell's bells let's just all stay home on November 2nd. The race is over.

That Old Media is completely behind Kerry is not news, but that they continue to demonstrate the depths of their shamelessness is. Last month it was CBS -- now it's ABC.

John Kerry is the biggest empty suit to enter the national stage since algore. At least algore invented the internet. Oh .. wait .. ARPA invented the internet. Nevermind.

Have you noticed that Kerry not only looks like Lurch .. he moves and walks like him, too?

And did he think he looked impressive when he would get in W's face? It struck me as pathetic .. and cowardly. Here's why: I have no doubt that W could physically whip Kerry's ass.

John Kerry has so many plans he can't keep up with them. Plus, he's gonna do everything that the President is doing, but better. Sounds like something you'd hear at recess in elementary school.

The bad guys in the world would chew Kerry up and spit him out.

So where to from here? One more debate. Next Wednesday in Tempe, Arizona.

And then?

November 2nd.


Let's Roll!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Leftist Violence & Vandalism

There have been several incidents of leftist political violence and vandalism over the past few weeks.

For example, the attack on PFC Foster Barton, the vandalism of the University of Tennessee's 9-11 memorial, ransacking of the Bush/Cheney Headquarters in Orlando, Florida, shots fired at the Bush/Cheney Headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee and Huntington, West Virginia.

The Left has crossed over the line. This is no longer about fierce political competition and matters of freedom of speech. It's criminality. Pure and simple.

I'll be covering this more when I get back from a trip.

For now I'll leave you with these reminders of people on the Left .. who not only HATE President Bush .. They HATE America.

And a question . . .

When was the last time you've heard John Kerry call for a stop to the HATE, violence and criminal behavior we've witnessed on the part of the leftists in this country?

They're for the terrorists in Iraq

This is pure al-Qaeda

What they really think of our President

The Hate is coming from the left

Ashamed of your country? Your country is ashamed of YOU.

VP Debate Reaction

What others are saying:

Jim Geraghty The Kerry Spot:

This was the single most devastating one-sided drubbing since Lloyd Bentsen smacked Dan Quayle all around the stage in 1988.

If I ever need to sue somebody, I’ll call John Edwards.

If I ever need somebody killed - like, you know, terrorists trying to kill my family - I’ll call Dick Cheney.

Cheney is hitting a very soft pinata, defending doctors and attacking lawyers on medical malpractice.

Michelle Malkin scores it for Cheney and gives us this priceless quote via Dennis Miller on the Jay Leno Show.

Hugh Hewitt was live blogging and scoring round by round. Hugh believes that Cheney clearly won it and that it was more damaging to Kerry than Edwards. Hugh was a lonewolf last week when he said that the first debate was a big win for President Bush, but he's got this one about right .. although he gives Edwards way too much credit.

John Hinderaker (aka hindrocket), over at Power Line had a brief appearance on NBC last night and weighed in with this analysis:

So Cheney's assignment tonight was to puncture the media-driven Kerry boomlet by bringing the conversation back to the issues, the facts and the arguments, especially on foreign policy.

Cheney did that, and more. I scored the first Presidential debate like a boxing match with a ten-point must system. There were no knockdowns in that match. Tonight there were two. The first was when Edwards kept insisting on the fraudulence of the Iraq coalition by claiming that the U.S. is bearing 90% of the expense and suffering 90% of the casualties. Cheney responded, in part, by pointing out the absurdity of Kerry's claim that he will build a broader alliance while at the same time assailing the war as the wrong war at the wrong time, etc.--but please send troops. He also criticized Kerry and Edwards for skipping Prime Minister Allawi's appearance before Congress and then attacking Allawi afterward.

But the most devastating blow was struck when Edwards still wouldn't give up, and came back with the 90% casualty figure. That was when Cheney, addressing Edwards as an adult admonishing a foolish child, pointed out that our most important ally in Iraq is the Iraqis, and that by refusing to include the Iraqis' many casualties in his numbers--so as to be able to claim that almost all the casualties are American--Edwards denigrates the sacrifice of our Iraqi friends.

Edwards knew that Cheney was right, and it took him a while to regain his composure.

The second knockdown was when Cheney criticized Edwards' lackluster record as a Senator, noting that he had missed 70% of the meetings of the Intelligence Committee, of which he was a member, and that his home-town paper had labeled him "Senator Gone." That was good. But the devastating conclusion was Cheney's observation that despite the fact that as Vice-President he regularly presides over the Senate, he had never met Edwards until he walked onto the stage tonight. This fact blew me away; I wouldn't have thought it possible. It blew Edwards away, too.

M³ comment: Yep, Cheney fired a major sabot round right through the gut of the prissy AWOL senator.

Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters, was also live blogging and had this to say:

I think that the first half of the debate had the most resonance, and I think Cheney tromped on Edwards all night long, but especially during the first half. Edwards spoke well but only in slogans. Cheney came across as knowledgeable and thoughtful, almost as an independent analyst. Edwards couldn't break out of his stump speeches. There was no indication of independent thought. Almost anyone familiar with the Kerry/Edwards website could have sat in for John Edwards in this debate.

I saw little of the Edwards charm, and instead saw much more of the plaintiff's attorney making opening arguments and accusations. If he connects on a personal level on the stump -- and I've seen that on TV before -- he sure didn't do it tonight. The only times I saw a hint of it was when he complimented Cheney on his love of family and the very beginning of his closing statement when he talked about his dad. Then he buried it by claiming that America is a flickering light in danger of going out.

More analyses from The Corner. Jonah Goldberg, Kathryn Jean Lopez (aka K-LO and KJL), Rich Lowery and Kate O'Beirne, among others, share their thoughts and insights.

The Monk's summary posted earlier is in good company.

RIP Rodney Dangerfield

Comic Rodney Dangerfield Dies at Age 82

When I think of the laughter and joy he brought (and continues to bring) to millions, I can't help but believe that Heaven holds a special place for him.

There will never be another one like him.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

VP Debate

Wasn't even close.

Cheney made Edwards look like a schoolboy.. make that schoolgirl.

The best that Edwards could manage was to throw out Halliburton every chance he got.

Does Edwards think that it was Halliburton that brought down the twin towers?

Edwards' comments on the War on Terrorism were completely unconvincing. His voice would go an octave higher when he'd say that "we will KEEEL the terrorists" .. almost as if he really wanted to say "we will SUE the terrorists", but had been coached to substitute kill for sue.

What a sissyboy!

Hell, just looking at Edwards will encourage any third-rate bully to whip his ass .. let alone skilled, hardened international terrorists.

No. There's no doubt. Cheney is the kind of man we want one heart beat from the presidency. He's a leader that terrorists fear.

The task ahead is for President Bush to be prepared for the next debate, Friday. It's a different format (townhall), but it will be no less important than the first debate.

He can mangle as many words as is his nature to do and it won't cost him a vote. But if he doesn't hit back at Kerry, he'll have trouble convincing the undecideds that he's serious about serving 4 more years.

Note to the President's debate team: We don't want restraint. We don't want play-it-safe. We want the President to fight like a Texan. So if you are advising anything else, the honorable thing for you to do is step aside. Perhaps you can get hired by that weak sister, Johnnie Edwards.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Past: It Matters

"What happened in the past doesn't matter." "That's ancient history."

How many times have you heard similar statements? And do you wonder, as I do, what effect this poison pill has had on our nation?

Are we free to do at the moment anything we please, for in the next moment it is the past and, therefore, does not matter? Try that one out on your boss at work.

So when does the past not matter?

Does it not matter what happened last week, last month, last year, a decade ago, a century ago, 2000 years ago?

Of course it does. The past matters a lot.

The past is that portion of ourselves that identifies where we came from .. who we are. It is what lives on in this earthly life after we have passed on. It is what we leave our children and grandchildren .. and their children . . .

The persecution, torture and crucifixion of Jesus matters a great deal to Christians. He suffered and died to save us from our sins. His resurrection, His teachings bring great promise. He is the source of our hope.

The American Revolution matters. It gave birth to a land of liberty, freedom and justice for all. Nowhere in modern history is there a document that equals our Declaration of Independence or our Constitution.

The American Civil War matters. It reunited a divided nation and established a more perfect union.

World War I and World War II matter. Both saved large portions of the world from tyranny.

The Cold War matters. It freed millions of people from the yoke of Soviet oppression. (The past mattered so much in the old Soviet Union that they had an entire bureacracy that revised history books at any shift in the political wind).

The Korean War matters. It gives freedom to 48.5 million people and holds out the promise of liberty to 22.6 million more.

The Vietnam War matters. Over 58,000 Americans gave their lives to give freedom a chance .. winning every major battle .. only to have the war lost here at home.

And you know what?

John Kerry's antiwar activities matter.

It matters that John Kerry slandered our military and our nation in his 1971 Senate testimony.

1971 Senate Testimony

It matters that John Kerry was the leader of an organization, Vietnam Veterans Against The War, whose members plotted the assassination of US Senators.

Kerry: The New Soldier

It matters that John Kerry betrayed our nation when he met with the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong in Paris, France in 1971.

It matters that John Kerry gave aid and comfort to our enemy.

It matters that the communist Vietnamese display John Kerry's picture in their war museum as someone who helped them during the war.

Kerry: Hero of the Vietnam Communists

It matters that, to this very day, John Kerry is proud of his antiwar activities and has never apologized for what he said about our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen.

It matters that John Kerry has never apologized to our former P.O.W.'s for giving their captors propaganda to use against them as they were being tortured.

It matters that, in 1986, John Kerry met with Daniel Ortega, the marxist leader of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, to urge Ortega not to knuckle under to President Reagan's pressure on their communist regime.

Kerry with communist leader, Ortega

It matters that John Kerry used his "Christmas In Cambodia" tale in a speech on the Senate floor to fight President Reagan's anti-Sandinista policy .. equating it with Nixon's Cambodia policy.

It matters that, for years, Kerry told that tale of being in Cambodia .. and only recently backed off that claim when he was caught out by fellow Swift Boat Veterans.

It matters that John Kerry voted against the first Gulf War, but in letters to constituents proclaimed his support for the war.

It matters that John Kerry voted for the Iraq War, but later voted against $87 billion to support our troops.

It matters that John Kerry's US Senate record is filled with votes against improving our military and intelligence organizations.

On November 3rd, our votes will be part of the past.

And that particular part of the past will matter tremendously to our children and future generations.