Tuesday, October 19, 2004

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Captain Ed has a must read post on Iran.

Let's not kid ourselves; Iran is not the only country to rule by shari'a, nor is it the only country to stone women to death for "crimes" for which men either receive lesser punishment or escape prosecution entirely. However, it is the only such nation that currently is building a nuclear-fission program and which has missile technology to deliver potential nuclear weapons around the region. It's also the only nation in the world to which John Kerry and John Edwards have offered to give nuclear fuel to see if they put it to peaceful use.

Yeah. And the Iranians have been arresting and jailing bloggers this week. It is likely that some will be put to death. Stop and think about that.

Hugh Hewitt comments on the cluelessness of Kerry. He spoke French during a campaign speech yesterday. The Kerry Spot has the audio.

As Forest Gump might say: Kerry's not a very smot man.

Glenn Reynolds doesn't see the big deal about the Edwards primping video.

Kate O'Beirne does .. and nails it:

The Edwards' primping tape would drive even more women voters into Bush's arms. What woman would vote for a guy who fusses more than she does about how he looks, by ALOT? It would make a great ad: As he feels prettier, should we feel safer? OR Hair today and we're all gone tomorrow. Edwards is half the team that wants to take on the war on terror. Definitely, whoever first called him the Breck Girl should get a raise.

The raise goes to The Doctor of Democracy.

Hindrocket believes "Edwards demonstrates way too much familiarity with how to use a compact."

If you haven't seen it, watch it here.

Andrew Stuttaford gives us more on The Guardian's meddling in our electoral process:

As the Guardian continues to pester the voters of Clark County, Ohio, here is part of the letter that film director Ken Loach is proposing to send:

"You have the chance to do the world a favour. Today, your country is reviled across continents as never before. Because of your president, and some who have preceded him, you are seen as the greatest bully on earth."

Ken, old chap, I'm not convinced that's going to do the trick.

And while you're over at National Review, check out their new blog -- Battlegrounders.

For more on The Guardian story see my earlier post.

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