Saturday, October 09, 2004

Debate #2

Friday night we saw the W we know and love. The President came to kick ass and that's just what he did. He won in both style and substance.

And he won despite Charlie Gibson and one of the most blatantly partisan bunch of "undecideds" we've ever seen.

Could you believe that? Yeah, me neither. They were no more authentic than the trumped up web polls that the networks kept touting after the debate. So Kerry won by 73%? Wow! Well hell's bells let's just all stay home on November 2nd. The race is over.

That Old Media is completely behind Kerry is not news, but that they continue to demonstrate the depths of their shamelessness is. Last month it was CBS -- now it's ABC.

John Kerry is the biggest empty suit to enter the national stage since algore. At least algore invented the internet. Oh .. wait .. ARPA invented the internet. Nevermind.

Have you noticed that Kerry not only looks like Lurch .. he moves and walks like him, too?

And did he think he looked impressive when he would get in W's face? It struck me as pathetic .. and cowardly. Here's why: I have no doubt that W could physically whip Kerry's ass.

John Kerry has so many plans he can't keep up with them. Plus, he's gonna do everything that the President is doing, but better. Sounds like something you'd hear at recess in elementary school.

The bad guys in the world would chew Kerry up and spit him out.

So where to from here? One more debate. Next Wednesday in Tempe, Arizona.

And then?

November 2nd.


Let's Roll!

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