Monday, October 25, 2004

Great Big Ol' Lie

The big Kerry story first alluded to by Power Line can be found here.

The Washington Times has uncovered yet another case of Kerry's dishonesty.

Maybe he has a poor memory or an overactive imagination. Or maybe he'll tell us anything he thinks will help him get elected.

Maybe he has grown too comfortable with telling lies.

Maybe baby.

One thing is clear. These are not little lies. These are great big ol' lies. In fact let's create an acronym for it. GBOL. Not bad. I like it. Anyway, his track record is to tell a GBOL to make himself look bigger than what he really is.

There are other reasons for his GBOLs. To save his ass. To score political points. To tear down an opponent or attack an opponent's policy. But along with any of these other reasons, he always tells a GBOL to make himself seem more than he is.

Bill Clinton lied to the nation and then to a federal grand jury, but he wasn't trying to pad his résumé. He just didn't want to admit that he was orally serviced by a young intern in the Oval Office. Does that make it acceptable? No. Was it a GBOL? No. BOL? Yes. Did it speak to Bill Clinton's character? Yes.

But as bad as that was, what Kerry has been doing is much worse.

A boss once told me: Always be more than you seem. People like Kerry turn that on its head.

All of us know the type. They're blowhards. Phony. We don't much care to be around them. And we don't really trust them. And we really, really do not want them to be in positions of power.

Let's look at some of Kerry's other GBOLs.

He lied to get his first Purple Heart.

He lied to get his third Purple Heart (3rd PH meant he could go home early and he did .. 243 days early).

He lied to get a Bronze Star.

He lied about being in Cambodia.

He lied to the U.S. Senate about war crimes.

He lied about endorsements by foreign leaders.

Now Kerry has been caught out with his latest GBOL -- that he met with the entire U.N. Security Council in 2002.

I'm not sure that this story will have an impact, but it should. Maybe it will .. in a cumulative sorta way.

This country does not need a phony as our leader. Not now. Not ever. But especially not now .. when we are at war.

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