Monday, October 11, 2004

More Leftist Violence & Vandalism


Letter To AFL-CIO President John Sweeney

Mr. John Sweeney
815 16th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20006
October 11, 2004

Dear Mr. Sweeney:

Over the past several weeks, acts of violence and vandalism have occurred at Republican and Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters across the country. In addition to the injuries, property damage and disruption associated with these acts, these events have created a threatening and intimidating atmosphere abhorrent to our democratic process.

On October 5th, according to news reports, witnesses, police reports and admissions of your members, the AFL-CIO, as part of a national strategy, protested at more than a dozen of our campaign and party headquarters across the country. In many locations, the protestors attempted to enter, or entered, campaign or party facilities. As one protestor said, "Actually, we're storming into an office." In Orlando, Florida, injuries and damage were sustained. Protestors forced their way into the facility, fracturing the arm of one staffer, and vandalized the office. In Michigan, protestors entered a headquarters and engaged in activities apparently intended to disrupt volunteers trying to make phone calls.

Protests by your organization come on the heels of several other incidents at Bush-Cheney '04 offices around the country, including a break-in at our Seattle office where laptop computers were stolen from the Washington State Bush-Cheney ’04 executive director and the state Republican Party 72-hour director. Just last night in Canton, Ohio, a Bush-Cheney '04 staffer was forced to lock herself in an office while another break-in was in progress. The facility was seriously damaged and property was stolen. Additionally, gun shots have been fired into Bush-Cheney '04 offices in West Virginia, Florida and Tennessee, windows broken in West Virginia and campaign staffers threatened. In Wisconsin, a supporter of the President had a swastika burned into his front yard simply because he had a Bush-Cheney '04 lawn sign. We urge your support in helping us ensure the safety of all individuals working on our campaign and others as we are making every effort to secure the safety of all participants in the political process.

I hope you will put an end to protest activities that have led to injuries, property damage, vandalism and voter intimidation. We will hold you and your organization accountable for the actions of your members and urge you to immediately discontinue any coordinated protest efforts that result in damage to our facilities, or injury to people who may hold different political views than your members, but who share an equal right to be involved in the political process without suffering violence, intimidation and threats.


Gov. Marc Racicot, Bush-Cheney '04 Campaign Chairman

It appears that the AFL-CIO is responsible for some of the vandalism and violence against Bush/Cheney headquarters in various states. ORGANIZED crime, in other words.

I think we have a few federal statutes dealing with that.

I don't care how loud the Left screams, the U.S. Justice Department needs to get on top of this and fast.

A few FBI raids on AFL-CIO state headquarters in Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, Tennessee, Washington, and West Virginia would be a good start. There sure seems to be enough probable cause.

I don't care if the Left is baiting the Feds hoping that they will conduct raids and make arrests so that the Lefties can scream Nazi!

It won't sell. This is America. We have laws. The laws are being violated. The violators need to be arrested and prosecuted.

So far I have only found one national publication that has even mentioned the ongoing lawlessness of the Left. John Fund of the Opinion Journal has a good summary.

Otherwise, all the stories are local. No national coverage.

Does someone have to die before the networks start covering this?

Why isn't John Kerry out there condemning this criminal behavior? Oh .. I forgot .. if he did, it might cause the networks to cover it.

I wonder how many Democrats are being turned off by the thuggery coming from their party. I mean those in the areas where this is happening and being reported by local media. (How else would they know? -- unless they're reading blogs, that is)

The Democratic Party needs a heavy dose of good old Democrats -- I'm not sure what has hold of it right now, but it bears no resemblance to the Democrat I once was (a looooooong time ago).

Damn. Was I really? It's painful to recall, but yes, I was. Then came a man named Reagan and he invited a bunch of us to join his party. We did .. by the thousands.

We need at least two healthy parties. I'm all for a strong Democratic Party. I don't mind the competition of ideas at all.

But today's Democratic party is less about ideas than demagoguery .. and lately -- lawlessness.

You'd think we'd have enough to worry about with al-Qaeda threatening to strike us, but noooooooooo -- the Left in this country has decided to get in on the act, too.

I call it like I see it. What the Left is doing is criminal. It is hateful. It is meant to be intimidating. It only takes a few steps to go the whole enchilada.

They've already crossed the line into criminality. They are perilously close to stepping over the line to terrorism. Firing shots into occupied buildings? .. what next? car bombs?

3 more weeks. A lot can happen in 3 weeks.

Fasten your seatbelts.

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