Sunday, October 03, 2004

The Past: It Matters

"What happened in the past doesn't matter." "That's ancient history."

How many times have you heard similar statements? And do you wonder, as I do, what effect this poison pill has had on our nation?

Are we free to do at the moment anything we please, for in the next moment it is the past and, therefore, does not matter? Try that one out on your boss at work.

So when does the past not matter?

Does it not matter what happened last week, last month, last year, a decade ago, a century ago, 2000 years ago?

Of course it does. The past matters a lot.

The past is that portion of ourselves that identifies where we came from .. who we are. It is what lives on in this earthly life after we have passed on. It is what we leave our children and grandchildren .. and their children . . .

The persecution, torture and crucifixion of Jesus matters a great deal to Christians. He suffered and died to save us from our sins. His resurrection, His teachings bring great promise. He is the source of our hope.

The American Revolution matters. It gave birth to a land of liberty, freedom and justice for all. Nowhere in modern history is there a document that equals our Declaration of Independence or our Constitution.

The American Civil War matters. It reunited a divided nation and established a more perfect union.

World War I and World War II matter. Both saved large portions of the world from tyranny.

The Cold War matters. It freed millions of people from the yoke of Soviet oppression. (The past mattered so much in the old Soviet Union that they had an entire bureacracy that revised history books at any shift in the political wind).

The Korean War matters. It gives freedom to 48.5 million people and holds out the promise of liberty to 22.6 million more.

The Vietnam War matters. Over 58,000 Americans gave their lives to give freedom a chance .. winning every major battle .. only to have the war lost here at home.

And you know what?

John Kerry's antiwar activities matter.

It matters that John Kerry slandered our military and our nation in his 1971 Senate testimony.

1971 Senate Testimony

It matters that John Kerry was the leader of an organization, Vietnam Veterans Against The War, whose members plotted the assassination of US Senators.

Kerry: The New Soldier

It matters that John Kerry betrayed our nation when he met with the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong in Paris, France in 1971.

It matters that John Kerry gave aid and comfort to our enemy.

It matters that the communist Vietnamese display John Kerry's picture in their war museum as someone who helped them during the war.

Kerry: Hero of the Vietnam Communists

It matters that, to this very day, John Kerry is proud of his antiwar activities and has never apologized for what he said about our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen.

It matters that John Kerry has never apologized to our former P.O.W.'s for giving their captors propaganda to use against them as they were being tortured.

It matters that, in 1986, John Kerry met with Daniel Ortega, the marxist leader of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, to urge Ortega not to knuckle under to President Reagan's pressure on their communist regime.

Kerry with communist leader, Ortega

It matters that John Kerry used his "Christmas In Cambodia" tale in a speech on the Senate floor to fight President Reagan's anti-Sandinista policy .. equating it with Nixon's Cambodia policy.

It matters that, for years, Kerry told that tale of being in Cambodia .. and only recently backed off that claim when he was caught out by fellow Swift Boat Veterans.

It matters that John Kerry voted against the first Gulf War, but in letters to constituents proclaimed his support for the war.

It matters that John Kerry voted for the Iraq War, but later voted against $87 billion to support our troops.

It matters that John Kerry's US Senate record is filled with votes against improving our military and intelligence organizations.

On November 3rd, our votes will be part of the past.

And that particular part of the past will matter tremendously to our children and future generations.

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