Sunday, October 24, 2004

PFC Foster Barton UPDATE

PFC Foster Barton's mother, Cindi, emailed The Monk while I was away.

PFC Barton returned to the doctor on the 20th and was to get his release date then. He is expected to return to Iraq soon. He is ready to get back to his unit, the 1st Cavalry Division. 1st Cav is leading the fight against the terrorist insurgency in Iraq.

PFC Barton's spirits have been lifted up by all of the support he has received from people all across this nation and his family is grateful to all who took the time to send a note, card, etc.

Cindi asks that we keep her son and all of our troops in our prayers.

She also asks that we pray for her son's attacker. "He needs our prayers, to help control his anger and actions. The next person he assaults may not be as lucky as my son. They may not survive such a beating."

There are many families just like the Bartons in this great country. We owe them more than most of us will ever be able to repay.

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