Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Swift Vets & POWs

Swift Vets And POWs For The Truth released 2 new ads today. You can find them and all the other Swiftie/POW ads linked in the sidebar at the right.

These two recent ads will make their television debut on "Monday Night Football".

One gentleman in the ad entitled "Why?" questions Kerry's ability to lead our troops because he condemned their fathers and grandfathers. His name is Bud Day.

George E. "Bud" Day
Major, U.S. Air Force

The medal you see around his neck is the Medal of Honor. Read about his amazing story here:,13190,MoH_George_Day,00.html

John Kerry dishonored these men.

He dishonored all Vietnam veterans.

He dishonored this country.

He continues to dishonor them and by doing so, continues to dishonor our country.

There are many reasons why John Kerry is unfit for the Presidency.

The Swift Vets & POWs For Truth give us reason #1.

For you lefties reading this blog, I know you're howling that none of this is true. I have a question for you:

If it's not true, why hasn't John Kerry (lawyer/multi-millionaire that he is) sued the Swifties/POWs for slander and libel?


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