Tuesday, October 05, 2004

VP Debate

Wasn't even close.

Cheney made Edwards look like a schoolboy.. make that schoolgirl.

The best that Edwards could manage was to throw out Halliburton every chance he got.

Does Edwards think that it was Halliburton that brought down the twin towers?

Edwards' comments on the War on Terrorism were completely unconvincing. His voice would go an octave higher when he'd say that "we will KEEEL the terrorists" .. almost as if he really wanted to say "we will SUE the terrorists", but had been coached to substitute kill for sue.

What a sissyboy!

Hell, just looking at Edwards will encourage any third-rate bully to whip his ass .. let alone skilled, hardened international terrorists.

No. There's no doubt. Cheney is the kind of man we want one heart beat from the presidency. He's a leader that terrorists fear.

The task ahead is for President Bush to be prepared for the next debate, Friday. It's a different format (townhall), but it will be no less important than the first debate.

He can mangle as many words as is his nature to do and it won't cost him a vote. But if he doesn't hit back at Kerry, he'll have trouble convincing the undecideds that he's serious about serving 4 more years.

Note to the President's debate team: We don't want restraint. We don't want play-it-safe. We want the President to fight like a Texan. So if you are advising anything else, the honorable thing for you to do is step aside. Perhaps you can get hired by that weak sister, Johnnie Edwards.

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