Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bureau of Liberal Affairs

Power Line reports that talks of secession are spreading among Democrats:

Threats of secession have brought out the best in our readers. Nathan Bissonette writes:

The secessionists are looking at the state-by-state Red/Blue map. A better indicator is the county-by-county Red/Blue map [on which almost all of the counties are red, even in the blue states]. Liberals don't need to secede. We need to turn Blue counties into Liberal Reservations, just like Indian Reservations. They can have their own law requiring taxpayer funded partial birth abortions, and we can have ours prohibiting it. Women who want one can visit the reservation, just as they did to get divorced in Reno, and just as they do to play the slots at Mystic Lake. I nominate Al Gore for Commissioner of the Bureau of Liberal Affairs to run the reservations, hopefully as efficiently and courteously as BIA works now.

So I got to thinking about it and I got to doodling:

Click on photo to enlarge

And I got to liking Nathan's idea even more.

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny, Monk.

I really like the weasel. Nice touch.