Saturday, November 06, 2004

CBS vs President Bush

Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough report in Inside the Ring:

There was the bogus National Guard memos that disparaged President Bush. Then the iffy story on missing explosives in Iraq, not to mention the line of anti-Bush authors who sat down in the "60 Minutes" studio to bash the president, uninterrupted.

CBS' "60 Minutes" ended the election cycle Sunday night with another hit — a somewhat outdated story on the Army needing to re-equip soldiers once the insurgency in Iraq took hold one year ago.

We've obtained a letter from acting Army Secretary Les Brownlee to "60 Minutes." It details how the Army reacted to shortages of body and truck armor.

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Gertz and Scarborough are the envy of the Pentagon press corps. They have no equals when it comes to covering national security issues. Although they have ticked off Secretary Rumsfeld from time to time, these two reporters are good guys who maintain a high level of trust with military folks.

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