Friday, November 05, 2004

Deaniacs, Demagogues & Dementia

Democrats are starting to shift through the rubble of their party. They're beginning the arduous task of trying to reconstruct what went wrong .. and assessing what it will take to rebuild.

If they honestly go about their analyses, they cannot fail to miss one major, major problem:

Far too many of their leaders have embraced the hate-filled, wacked-out, leftist garbage represented on the sites below. They have given these sad people a national voice.

(CAUTION: Do not visit on a full stomach)

Daily Kos

Democracy For America Forums (sponsored by Howard Dean)

Democratic Underground

I will spare you some of the more outrageous rantings. Here's a taste:

1. People who voted for President Bush are:

a. too stupid to know better
b. racists
c. homophobes
d. haters
e. gun nuts
f. religious zealots

2. There is no hope for The South because it is controlled by hate-filled, ignorant, uneducated hicks.
3. There is no hope for The Midwest because it is controlled by hate-filled, ignorant, uneducated hicks.
4. There IS hope for The South if we can fool them into thinking we have their best interests at heart.
5. There IS hope for The Midwest if we can fool them into thinking we have their best interests at heart.
6. We must praise God while hiding the fact that we are unbelievers.
7. We must speak in patriotic terms while hiding the fact that we hate this country.
9. We must campaign as centrists and govern as leftists.
8. The election was a fraudulent process.
9. The election results are fraudulent.
10. Karl Rove conspired with Diebold to throw the election to the Republicans.
11. The election was stolen.
12. The fraudulent/stolen election must be exposed to the American people.
13. ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN are rightwing.
14. 11/2/2004 was worse than 9/11/2001
15. Violence may be the only way we can come to power.

And so it goes .. on and on and on.

Again, I caution you about going to those sites. Not only have I spared you the nuttier rantings, I've spared you the filthy, hateful language that accompanies their rantings.


In a delicious treat, The Anchoress urges the Democrats to look at the "root causes" of their defeat.

My Dear Democrats - former partymates; Look around at America, without the blinders of a harried campaign. She is strong. She is viable. She is working to liberate the oppressed in the present. She is looking to assure the freedom of all in the future. This "evil, stupid, misguided, murderous, tyranical, nazi-ish" man you so hate got more votes than any conservative candidate has ever gotten, anywhere in the world. There is a reason for it, and it's not - as you would like to believe - because your fellow countrymen are narrow-minded, bigoted, gay-hating, snarling mad dogs.

Think about it some more. Think about the Afghan women, now free, who weren't free under any previous American president. Think. That's something you used to think was a good idea! Your hate has kept you from appreciating it. Appreciate it now. If President Bush had a D instead of an R after his name, you'd be throwing roses his way, for that accomplishment, alone.

Read more.

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