Thursday, November 11, 2004

Slouching Towards Secession

I first read of secession talk the day after the election. I laughed. Afterall, I told myself, consider the sources: leftwing blogs, forums, websites and bulletin boards. Way, way leftwing. I've noted some of them previously.

When I doodled the graphic for the Bureau Of Liberal Affairs post, it was all in good fun. It was to, as Rush says, demonstrate absurdity (secession) with absurdity (reservations for Liberals).

It has been fascinating watching the Left come undone. I find myself waiting for this little guy

to pop out of one of them and go scurrying across the stage on national television.

Or perhaps one day soon we will witness Lawrence O'Donnell really lose it:

By the way, remember Ripley?

Hurt me.

Hmmmmm ... there was a point to this post, but I seem to have lost track . . .

Oh. Right.

Read Tony Blankley's editorial, Secession. Excerpts below.

Now where did I put that Alien DVD?

The apotheosis of this political dementia was put forward in my very presence on last week's McLaughlin Group by my friend and colleague Lawrence O'Donnell. Lawrence, in cool blood and in apparent full control of his senses, asserted that this election will give rise to a serious consideration of secession from the Union by the blue states.

I should point out that, though Lawrence has been barking more than usual in this election season's TV commentary, he is a brilliant political analyst and a serious Democratic Party player. He was the late Sen. Moynihan's top Senate staffer. He comes from one of the great Democratic Party families. I believe it was his uncle who was President Kennedy's White House chief of staff. He is also the most gifted writer/producer on the NBC show, "West Wing." He is not one of those no-name nitwits who the cable shows pull from obscurity to recite Democratic Party talking points.

I elaborate on his enviable pedigree and qualities of mind and experience, because if he says such a thing to a television audience of 6 million viewers, it must surely reflect some measurable body of senior Democratic Party sentiment. And although it is inconceivable that any senior elected Democratic Party officials would ever repeat or act on such a deranged notion, it is a measure of how deep is the Democratic Party elite's contempt for and estrangement from the American public.

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