Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Off to the swamps!

It's been 16 years (where does time go?) since I last spent Christmas with my mother and I'm excited.

I can hardly wait to see the Christmas tree and the little church with that magical music box inside that you can wind up and it'll play "Silent Night" . . . for at least 75 years it's been doing that. Definitely not made in China.

Lil Sis, I know how it is. You'll be missed if you can't get through the snow and ice. Don't take any chances. I'll eat your share of Christmas turkey & dressing and peas & corn ... and, yes, the sweet potatoes in orange half-shells, sprinkled with cinnamon and topped with melted marshmallows. So don't worry -- it won't go to waste.

Santa Claus, I know you're reading so take note. I will be in the swamps.

Oh yeah, despite what those sniveling, whiny little elves may have told you, I've been nice. Don't make me come find you, old man.

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