Tuesday, January 11, 2005

cBS Report

Grade: Unsatisfactory

The report failed badly in one critical area which earned it an overall Monk rating of UNSAT.

They waffled on the political bias of CBS News.

Let's be clear. CBS News used fake documents to smear a sitting President in the heat of an election while this nation was (is) at war.

That it backfired on CBS News does not lessen the gravity of what they did.

In fact, it's high time for the US Justice Department to launch an investigation to determine if CBS News violated federal election law (re: Mapes/Lockhart/DNC collaboration). While they're doing that, they should investigate the source of the fake documents and present their findings to a grand jury.

Further, CBS News should make a retraction of the September 8th story and issue an apology to President Bush and the American people.

Absent such a retraction and apology, the United States Congress should cause the Federal Communications Commission to revoke CBS's broadcast license.

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