Saturday, June 11, 2005

Arlene Blows

She's wet and breathing heavily, but she hasn't worked her way up to ... eyebrow-raising status.

You gotta do better than that, honey, to get Monk to write more than two sentences about ya.

UPDATE (4:25pm CDT):

I think Arlene took offense. She just blew my neighbor's Alabama Crimson Tide yard ornament(?) -- yeah, it's a beaut -- into my yard.

I'm sure he'll come huntin' for it just as soon as he notices that it's gone missing. Afterall, it's his nicest yard decoration -- really complements his plastic buck which does double duty as Rudolph at Christmas time.

So Arlene has earned the additional sentences... now if she'd just blow that buck away, she'd get the full blog treatment.

Laura Phillips carries her running shoes along the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama Saturday June 11, 2005. Phillips continued her normal running routine and did not let the effects of Tropical Storm Arlene bother her --my kinda girl.(AP Photo/Bill Haber). -- Ol' Bill's got a tough job, huh?

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Housewife said...

I have to admit, I'm a hurricane whore! LOVE EM. I just don't want anyone getting hurt. I like the thrill and excitement that comes before the hurricane. I am a desperate woman when I can only get my thrill outta the weather. LOL

MerryMadMonk said...

hmmmmmmm .. then you probably know what the hurricane said to the palm tree :)