Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I Read The News Today Oh Boy

News Flash 1. We're all gonna die. In the meantime, we lead lives based on our beliefs of what comes next which, in turn, causes most of us to try to be good.

News Flash 2. We are at war -- not at a picnic.

News Flash 3. The savages who attacked us are evil. Don't think so, just watch the 9-11 videos or those beheading videos.

News Flash 4. A war zone is a dangerous place. People shoot at each other. They don't sit around campfires singing kumbaya.

News Flash 5. We have an ALL-VOLUNTEER military. Nobody can make anybody join this ALL-VOLUNTEER military.

News Flash 6. Soldiers are warriors. War, not peace, is their profession. It is a highly dangerous profession.

I'm getting sick and tired of reading about parents of soldiers killed in action lashing out at the President, pointing the finger of accusation at our nation's policies. Truth be told, their son/daughter probably joined the military, in part, to get away from their lame-ass, willy-nilly parenting.

They probably never really knew their children in the first place. They are certainly not honoring their son's/daughter's selfless service to this nation by pissing and moaning about how we should give peace a chance. Give peace a chance. Of course. Wouldn't that be nice? Yes. But this ain't peacetime. This is a time to kill. A time to destroy. After we've killed enough of them and destroyed their will to ever again fuck with the United States, we can talk about peace.

Have we gotten that soft as a nation? What will it take to toughen up people? Will it really take the deaths of millions of Americans before people wake up to the threat that's out there?

And what about the killing and violence that takes place every single day in our cities? Hell, they just had 20 shootings the other day in Chicago, alone. Where are all the peaceniks? Why aren't the MSM talking more about what's happening in the inner cities? They're killing one another over basketball shoes and crack. Talk about senseless loss of life! But it would be insensitive to make too much of that, wouldn't it?

Meantime, our soldiers are fighting for this country, fighting for one another. Yet, many in the MSM would have us believe that those who are killed in action die senseless deaths. As if what they were doing was not important. As if what they died for was basketball shoes and crack!

Those soldiers who have died did so while doing greatly. They believed in something larger than themselves. They believed in doing the right thing. They believed in the goodness of this country. They believed in watching their buddies' backs.

They deserve to be honored.

Blubbering about how life is not fair, whining about how cruel war is, blaming this nation for the evil of our enemies, etc etc does NOT honor our fallen. It is an attempt to bring disgrace and dishonor upon what they believed in, what they died for.

It is pathetic.


Jo said...

Can't get trackbacks to work .. here's the link to my post Truth be Told based in part on your post.


Jo said...

Some nit wit has track backed to my post that was an off shoot of this one. If you want to see what she wrote, head over to my site and hit the link on the track back Volunteer Excuse. She's an idiot!

MerryMadMonk said...

Yep. She's a tinfoil hatter. They're worth a mouseclick every now and then. Saves a visit to the zoo to watch the monkeys. (No insult to monkeys intended)

Jo said...

I have her in the mod queue now .. I don't really care if she agrees with me or not, just don't lie about what I said. :)

Jett Superior said...

Amen and amen.