Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'm Back In Bama

I didn't get near a puter the whole time I was away. Well, maybe for just a couple of blog peeks, but not long enough to blog. The liberry's internet puter filtered out all the good sites. It's the f-word and ya'll say it and ya'll blog it (uh huh, that especially includes you ladies linked on the right) .. or a lot of ya'll do .. and the liberry's puter blocks sites with the f-word, but the filtering software can be cracked unfiltered (just kiddin', Ms Librarian) .. ahem .. sooooooo, if ya'll see some strange IP address on your site stats such as, say,, that was me visiting.

I'm gonna spend the rest of the afternoon catching up on blog reading -- from A to V on my blog links.

I'm in the A's right now. Hold your horses. It's gonna take me awhile.

A Single Southern Guy tells us what he's been up to lately and urges Southern bloggers to send their entries for the book project.


And check out Jett's submissions for the above mentioned book.


An American Housewife links to a very interesting story about saving penises in a 5-gallon can . . .

...uhm, wait...

that's "saving pennies in a 5-gallon can".

My bad.

Now here's a Housewife must-read. And another one ratchere. It's real.

Note to AAH: And the "R" is for racing. Backwards. :p


Wretchard and his readers, at The Belmont Club, are talking about quagmires and the Senate.


I feel a nap coming on. I swear it has nothing to do with The Belmont Club discussion.

More later.


It's later. Good nap.


You can find the latest on the sham Iranian elections at BLOG-IRAN. For indepth discussions visit their forum.

I think Iran is 2nd only to North Korea as a threat to the national security of these United States. It's in our interests to see the mullahs gone. Remember when President Bush said the War on Terrorism would be like none we had seen before and that some operations would be carried out in secrecy? Well, there's probably more going on in Iran than meets the eye.

It's best that change comes from within. Iran is not Iraq. Not the same people, not the same politics, not the same religion (they are Shiites and detest the Sunni Wahhabism born and nurtured in Saudi Arabia and practiced most fervently by the likes of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda). Iran has the potential to be one of our greatest allies in the Middle East, second only to Israel. The dickhead mullahs need to be gotten rid of -- from within if possible. The clock is ticking, though. We simply cannot allow the current regime to have nuclear weapons and it is that point that may ultimately bring the full might and fury of the United States against Iran.


Hugh Hewitt on the Dem leaders and national security:
The leadership of the Democratic Party is now committed to a strategy of retreat that will inevitably lead to disastrous defeat and the deaths of Americans here at home. They have reverted to type, and the type is naive and dangerous. Their intentions don't matter, and their predictions can't be trusted. The voters have taken away most of their matches. In 2006, they should take away the rest.


Jo writes that Bubba can once again play tug-of-war with Otis. Not a small feat considering what Bubba has endured. Dogs are such heroic animals.


Kingdom of Chaos on flag burning and the sham Iranian elections. Good reading. I'm at about the same place re: flag burners. If they want to do it, let 'em. It identifies them as the cowardly America-haters they are. I understand why a lot of Americans would like to see an amendment, but I personally don't think it will amount to much, except to make martyrs out of meatheads.

I can't help but think that there are a lot of senators and representatives grandstanding on this issue and that pisses me off. We've got a war to fight and the U.S. Congress hasn't always demonstrated that they understand this. Little else will matter if we don't stop the sonsofbitches that mean to destroy this country. Social Security sure as shit won't matter; neither will any number of other programs and issues. So, I'd like to see them get their asses in gear on the war first. They might start by rebuilding the military that they helped Clinton decimate.


LGF reports:
Republican and Democrat politicians toured Guantanamo Bay today, and even the looniest of the bunch (i.e. Sheila Jackson Lee) had to grudgingly admit it didn't seem all that bad

Even Sheila Jackson Lee? Hmmm. She probably thought she was in Guadalajara. She really is an idiot. Ask anyone who has had the "pleasure" of briefing her.


Media Slander fisks Foley:

While Hiawatha Bray and Glenn Reynolds both note the many "if's" and the all-important "maybe", somehow through it all they seem to disregard the tone of the column to arrive at the misguided conclusion that Foley has backed down.

I cannot. Nor will I attempt to.

Let's just move right past the title ("Confronting right-wing hysteria") and jump head first into the opening paragraph where the [backing off] tone is [not] set.

"Note to the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (or whatever you're calling yourselves these days): I was just re-elected president of The Newspaper Guild-CWA, and I'm not resigning."

Why go any further? Apology accepted, Ms. Foley.

With an opening like that, let's just take the gloves off.

At Possumblog, the Ogelsbys get an offer from Nigeria (one guinea hen for one possum) and make a counteroffer.


tequila mockingbird's office is moving. Hey, it's funny. It really is.


And there goes Beth sugarcoating it again. If you're at a library forget about it.


A letter and a prayer from The Anchoress. A good place to end this blog scan.



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