Monday, August 15, 2005

Catching Up

I'm catching up on 10 days of missed blog reading and I reckon I loaded up too many tabs in Firefox -- I had like a hunnert loaded up -- and my puter froze. It probably didn't help that I had about 10 other applications running, not including those that run in the background that I'd kill if they weren't completely necessary. Before the puter froze, the screen displayed some retro-strobelight action. It was pretty cool.

BTW, if you aren't using Firefox, you should be (nevermind what I did above. that was my fault, not the fault of Firefox). You won't go back to Internet Explorer ... or maybe not until Bill Gates decides that Internet Explorer needs to be modernized -- he hasn't updated Internet Explorer in years really except for patches. I have this vision of the IE development team bombarding one another's cubicles with paper airplanes as they surf the net with Firefox.

I'm still catching up. It takes me awhile. I've got a system. It'd help if I'd use it, but I can't help clicking on just about any link that any of ya'll have pointed out and then I follow that to other links that other bloggers have pointed out and before I know it, I'm somewhere I didn't think I'd be and about 2 hours behind where I planned to be ... not that that's bad -- it's kinda how I like to travel when I'm not in a hurry. Take this rural road to the next rural road. The interstate gets ya there, but it's like reading the first and last chapters of a book.

Which makes me think of something else.

When you're traveling somewhere at night, passing through little towns or driving through the countryside, and you see the glowing, curtained windows of a house, do you ever wonder about the people who live there?... what they're doing at that moment? And then do you think about the millions of houses and millions of families and just wonder about it all as you think of Earth as the little blue ball that it is... kinda suspended out there in the diamond-studded black velvet vastness of space .. tilted, rotating, revolving ... just so ... and that if it didn't do what it does just so, there wouldn't be any lit, curtained windows to wonder about?

Aiight, now that I've got that pass-the-dutchie moment behind me, back to reading -- system or not.


Housewife said...

Love Firefox!

Yes I do wonder those things you speak of; glowing, curtained windows. Sounds like a name of a great book.

Glad to see you back.

hunnert - hehehehehe

Janette said...

I wonder as well. And I usually make up really wild scary stories. Very Southern Gothic. Very Faulkner. Makes the trip more interesting.

Is it just me?

Gun-Toting Liberal said...

I can relate. Yeah, I wonder if a family lives there, and if so, are they happy, hurting, or what. I don't do this all the time, but I have many times. Welcome back and happy surfin' :-)