Saturday, August 20, 2005

I Reckon Ya'll Know What This Means

yep, to the swamps ... for awhile.

Aiight, AAH -- I know ya got tired of looking at the gators last time so here's some variety:

Diamondback Rattlesnake

(Click on photo for Close-Up)

And here's something to ponder -- whatever happened with the spiders under Windsor Castle. Ya'll remember that story back in Summer 2001? I don't think the UK press has ever done any follow-ups. Now mind you, I haven't googled recently. Bringing this story back to light just occurred to me about 10 minutes ago as I was thinking: OK, OK ... so they don't like my gators... hmmm... I got sumpin for 'em!

Mystery Spider Discovered At Windsor Castle
June 25, 2001 8:00 CDT

According to a recent report by The Guardian, there is an unknown species of spider on the loose in the bowels of Windsor Castle. These mysterious arachnids are said to be up to three inches long, venomous, with jaws strong enough to puncture human skin.

The spiders were first seen two weeks ago in an underground maintenance tunnel in Windsor Great Park, not far from the Queen Mother's weekend residence, Royal Lodge. An entomologist is now trying to identify them saying they could be either a new, underground-dwelling species or one previously thought extinct.

British Telecom engineers doing maintenance work at Windsor opened a manhole cover and found the rust-red and black spiders swarming all over the place.

"They're large and there are many of them," said a BT spokesman. "Our engineers were not attacked, but we have stopped work until we know exactly what they are."

Graham Smith, of the conservation organization, Project-Ark, has taken samples to study. He described the spiders as an "extremely exciting find".

"The species is certainly venomous, and the jaws are strong enough to penetrate the human skin. It will take a few days to work out how dangerous they are," said Mr. Smith. "There could be literally thousands and thousands of them. It would be no surprise if they are living underneath Windsor Castle itself."

Remotely operated cameras will be deployed in the tunnels around the castle to find out more. Samples of the spiders' webs are also being analyzed.

Residents of the park have been warned not to touch until more is known.

...warned not to touch? As if.


susanna in alabama said...

Which swamps? And why?

Stacy said...

I have a bit of a spider fetish. I find them fascinating, so I love the pics. You have a bit of a swamp problem, don't you?

MerryMadMonk said...

susanna -- Louisiana swamps. To look for Hattie.

Stacy -- If I find Hattie, I will.