Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Later Gators

I'd often heard that Tennessee has its share of alligators. I was doubtful until I saw this one in a pond just outside Knoxville:

I'm not impressed. Hillbilly gators just don't look as threatening as swamp gators:

... even when swamp gators are sleeping:

He looks dead, but he ain't. Free Advice: Don't kick "dead" alligators or they will eat your Yankee/tourist ass. Swamp gators will, anyway. I'm not sure what a Tennessee Hillbilly Gator would do. Heck, they're probably used to being kicked and other stuff [dueling banjos playing in the background].

. . . back in a few days .. Tuesday probably .. maybe I can find a puter to blog from, but don't hold me to it.


Housewife said...

Did you see where Janette from Common Sense Runs Wild linked an article from you too? You are becoming quite the celebrity. Great writing!

Be safe on your trip, look forward to reading you when you get back.

Love the hillbilly gator pick.

El Jefe Maximo said...

I'm really hoping your gator pics were with one of those telefoto lenses or some camera thing. I don't fancy being quite that close to the business end of Mr. Gator, unless I have, oh an anti-tank weapon or something, in my back pocket.

Housewife said...

OK, these gators are gettin' old to look at, where are you?

Jo said...

Would you stay your ass home please ? I miss your posts.

Housewife said...

Sheeeeez MMM! Are you trying to set a record for nonblogging? If you don't say something soon I'm sending out the bounty hunter!