Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some great bloggin' goin' on out theah

Jett at All blogged up and nowhere to go gives some tips on mixtapes (she knows how to do it and she tells it funny) and a warning to Horny Little Toadboy. That boy might not understand the concept of "Danger Close", but that's exactly where he stands with Jett "If You Think I'M Bad, Just Piss Off Her Daddy One Good Time" Superior.

AlphaPatriot has written the best post on the Gaza pullout, Israeli Pride; Israeli Angst, that I have seen on the net.

An American Housewife is all over the ACLU. If the ACLU had a tenth of her common sense, we'd all be happier.

Janette and Stacy are showing up in some Google searches that remind us that there are some sick puppies out there on the net.

Susanna at cut on the bias is such a smart writer. I wish I could write like her. Check out her posts on:

a Birmingham, Alabama mother who joined Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas; the local Birmingham media's coverage of it; and Susanna's scathing email critique of said coverage

the consequences of opening marriage to other configurations of sentient beings

Absolute insanity over NYC police recruit salaries

and her thoughts on Alabama Minutemen off to help in Arizona ... heck, just read everything she writes :)

Jo is slamming the ACLU. Man, I tell ya these ACLU blogbursts are great!

Alabamian over at Red State Diaries points out that Birmingham is the 19th most liberal city in the United States ahead of New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. (pssst... they're liberal over there, but I like 'em).

Rightwingsparkle has some news about Cindy Sheehan .. and some good advice.

spacemonkey is a funny dude. I'm addicted to the The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles.

Check this out at Stop The ACLU: The ACLU calls school board members terrorists. They better watch out. The folks in Tangipahoa Parish will serve them up at the next Cochon de Lait.

The 'Grub Street' Plumber talks with his 95 year old grandmother about Hiroshima.

The Gun-Toting Liberal didn't think he knew what to blog about today. He quickly got over his case of blogger's block and got on a ranting roll. Another liberal that I can't help but like :)

Varifrank notes his 1st Anniversary as a blogger. He's one of the best.


Housewife said...

Very good. I'm gonna have to start doing something like this over at my place. Thanks

John said...

Yes, this is very good. Why don't you join the blogburst?

Gribbit said...

Stop The ACLU BlogBurst Memberships available at Protest The ACLU. You are more than welcome in our little circle of infidels.

susanna in alabama said...

Thank you for the kind words! Now, you stay home and keep up your end of the blogging, you hear?

MerryMadMonk said...

housewife -- let me know if the spiders and snake didn't work.

jay & gribbit -- thanks for the offer, I'll take ya up on it when I get back.

susanna -- I hear ya, but ......

I'll see ya'll in a bit.

susanna in alabama said...

I fail to understand why the wishes of your readers are not the dominant consideration in your decision making process. Clearly your priorities need review.

MerryMadMonk said...