Saturday, September 10, 2005

Crystal People

I live near the Gulf. I've stayed for Ivan and Katrina. Will I stay for others? Maybe. Maybe not. I don't take them lightly. I prepare. I can take care of myself. I don't depend on anyone.

I can live for weeks without "power" and without "hot meals" and without "clean water" (that's what iodine tablets are for).

When a hurricane comes, I can leave if I choose to. If the truck breaks down and it means walking, no problem. I've got a rucksack and I've got legs. I can probably out-walk most 20-somethings. I have a tent. It's strapped to the rucksack. It's my version of a "mobile home". I can live outside in all climates from the tropics to the tundra to the desert to the mountains to the oceans (white with foam). I'm OK with rain, sleet, snow, mud, dirt, sand, etc. And I have a .44 Magnum with lots of ammunition for anyone who fancies unburdening me of rucksack/"mobile home".

So if you see me on a rooftop or telephone pole surrounded by raging flood waters (not likely), don't cry for me; laugh at me. If you see my body floating on said flood waters, don't cry for me -- just shake your head.

I'm an American. I have the freedom to choose. I love freedom. I have great respect for freedom.

What I have no respect for are Crystal People. You know the ones. They're fine and dandy. You can see right through them. They shatter easily under pressure.

Crystal People want to be in charge. They want to run things, but they don't know how. They know very little about the things they want to run.

Crystal People will fuck up a wet dream.

We've got a lot of Crystal People in this country. The MSM is full of them, so is the Left -- and to be fair, the Right has its share.

99% of them wouldn't know hardship if it jumped up and bit them in the ass. You want hardship? Try Mexico or El Salvador or Honduras or any country in Central or South America. And that's just in this hemisphere.

To too many Americans, hardship is what the Crystal People tell them it is -- which usually means doing without ANYthing for ANY length of time.

Our grandparents and great-grandparents would laugh at the Crystal People -- or just shake their heads in disgust.

Crystal People think they know best. They're pretty quick to tell you so. Crystal People actually don't know anything worth knowing.

When Crystal People are in charge of the store, dependency is what they sell. Someone else will do it for you. You don't have to worry. You don't have to think for yourself. If you need to go from point 'A' to point 'B', Crystal People will tell you when, where, and how.

A lot of folks are more than willing to buy what Crystal People sell.

The problem with that is that Crystal People sell bullshit. And it is exposed as the bullshit that it is when disaster strikes. That's also about the time that Crystal People get that pig-staring-at-a-wristwatch look ... then they shatter and cry on national television and/or look for others to blame, while trying to cover their asses like a three-legged cat trying to cover shit on a frozen pond.

Most of the people who stayed behind in New Orleans were mentally and physically fit. They didn't have to be where they were when Katrina hit. They purchased tickets to be there from the Crystal People.

How long does it take to walk to higher ground? Not very long. What? A couple of hours of walking is hardship? Bullshit.

Didn't bring food and water with you because you depended on Crystal People to do it for you? Bullshit.

Decided to stay behind, but did not prepare because Crystal People would take care of you? Bullshit.

Think you are too poor to prepare? Bullshit.

Think you are right to lash out at the nation because your pathetic ass didn't prepare? Bullshit.

Then we have those who are truly not able to help themselves, but that distinction is lost on Crystal People.

The temporary shelters should have been used for the sick/elderly/disabled. The buses should have been used for the sick/elderly/disabled. Well, we now know the buses weren't used at all. And that's no surprise when you have Crystal People in charge.

I've got an emergency evacuation plan for New Orleans: If you can walk to the buses, KEEP WALKING, fucker -- the buses are for the sick, elderly and disabled. If you can walk to the Convention Center, KEEP WALKING, fucker -- this is not your shelter.

And an emergency security plan: Police WILL shoot (to kill) murderers, rapists, shooters, and looters. Police officers who desert WILL be prosecuted (don't have a law for this? write one). See how they like being buttboy at Angola.

In the early hours of a disaster, government can't do much more than what it should do -- take care of the ones who cannot take care of themselves.

If you are not sick/elderly/disabled, you take care of yourself. Be prepared to "rough it" for a few days.

Help will come. It always does. This is America. Live like you belong. Live like an American, not as a pathetic ward of the Crystal People.

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Iris Tinley said...

You remind me of a song I love. :)

"They're gonna bring you down, down. They're gonna bring you down, down, down. They're gonna bring you down, down, down. They don't wanna let you go, they don't wanna let you fly, they're too afraid to let go, lest they touch the sky."

Just a snippet for you. :)

I love you.