Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina Relief: Beth Is Back

Which Beth?

This Beth:

Now I'll warn you. I have more to say that's not so nice. Some of those fuckers in New Orleans have put a damper on my feelings of charity. If it weren't for the fact that the VAST majority of people did evacuate and the fact that I have blood in Mississippi, I might be a tightwad about this whole thing because of the absolute mayhem and BULLSHIT those looter animals are doing during a crisis. I've never been so disgusted in my life. And NO, obviously I'm not talking about those people who are taking food and water/drinks, I'm talking about the assholes with the Nikes and TVs and racks of clothes and toys from everywhere…not to mention the looted pawn shops, liquor stores, etc. etc. etc. Those vile scum are an embarrassment to AMERICA, not just New Orleans; the whole world sees this stuff happening. How many people do you think might see that insanity and say "I'm not helping them"?

I'm also mad as hell about the people who DID NOT evacuate, and instead of being thankful that they're alive, they're bitching about not being taken care of fast enough. Guess what: most of them didn't have to be in that situation. Furthermore, there's still a rescue effort ongoing for those people–some of those who have already been rescued or escaped death are just going to have to accept responsibility and deal with the consequences–which means wait until everyone is safe that can be saved. I know people are busting their asses to save every life they can; no one is slacking off. And then you have people attacking and shooting at helicopters and vehicles that are supposed to help them evacuate now? What. The. Fuck. I know they're desperate to leave, but I'll say again, what the fuck?! I know I'll be vilified for saying so, but I have little sympathy for the people that refused to evacuate, knowing that a Category 4/5 hurricane was headed straight for them. "Oh, we made it through Betsy/Camille so we thought we'd be OK." Stock up the cooler with beers and "ride it out." Stupid fuckers. That's just stupid, stupid, stupid. I know there are some who couldn't for one reason or another, but even so, I distinctly remember hearing on TV that people were being taken out of New Orleans and elsewhere via bus or train if they had no transportation. And they DID have the Superdome, which was probably the worst possible way of evacuating, but it's better than sitting on a roof with no food or water, waiting for a Coast Guard chopper–or dying. Worst of all, those people with CHILDREN that didn't evacuate. They ought to be locked up in jail for child endangerment. Period. I know it can be expensive to evacuate, but it doesn't HAVE to be that way. There were places who offered shelter in Baton Rouge, Jackson, and elsewhere. And I have the most scorn for those who had no excuse (i.e. illness, disability, no money)–rescuers had to risk their lives to take care of those fools when the sick and infirm should honestly have been the first ones helped. I thought I was going to puke when on Monday night, I saw on Fox News that there were people partying on Bourbon Street, dancing around Shepard Smith. Meanwhile, there are STILL people in hospitals in New Orleans, with generators draining diesel for their last gasps of life.

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