Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina Relief: Coonhunters For Christ

Fellow Jerry Clower fans can just imagine Uncle Versie and Aunt Pet Ledbetter loading up Marcel, Ardell, Raynell, Burnell, Lanell, W.L., Udell, Odell, Claude, Newgene, and Clovis in the truck and a-headin' down the road to Janice.

Coonhunters For Christ Answer Call For Help:

JANICE - Food was running low in this Perry County community, so the Rev. Dean Cook turned to a reliable source for help - his fellow board members with Coonhunters for Christ.

It didn't take much, Cook said, for the nonprofit group to come through. A phone call to Tennessee, a few postings on the Internet and before long a 40-foot trailer was on the way with clothes, canned goods and diapers.

"A lot of people were worrying about red tape," Cook said of the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina. "Our spontaneous action helped us reach people quicker."

The members of Janice Baptist Church, where Cook is pastor, turned their sanctuary into a food pantry in the days after the hurricane. Glass jars of baby food were neatly stacked on the wooden pews alongside razors, shampoo, socks, ibuprofen and toothpaste. And, of course, plenty of Bibles.

As rural Perry County residents watched their water and food dwindle in the days after the hurricane, members of the church stepped up to fill the void.

"We couldn't get anything out of our politicians," said Bob Goolsby, director of missions for the Perry County Baptist Association. "So we started making phone calls."

The result was so successful that, according to Cook, the church has started shipping some of its own donated food to a kitchen run by the American Red Cross in Wiggins. About 300 gallons of vegetables were taken there over the weekend, he said, and more food was headed to Wiggins on Tuesday. In return, the Red Cross has sent meals ready to eat up to Janice.

Officials at the church said the rural area also has received help from the Janice Volunteer Fire Department, and from the Perry County Sheriff's Department.

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susanna in alabama said...

You got me in trouble and since I'm a Crystal People I may have to sue... :D

I was telling some folks at church about Coonhunters for Christ, and laughing, and I saw they weren't laughing. I then realized that apparently they saw the "coonhunters" part as racist, which I hadn't at all because, well, I don't think of those things. We had coonhunters sending their dogs baying through the woods at night where I grew up, so that's what I thought of, not some ugly racist slang term. The bad thing was, I had forgotten some of the details so then I was thinking, "WAS it something bad? Did I just not see it that way because I don't think that way?" But I knew it was from your site, and I couldn't imagine that it was ugly... So I just now printed out the article from the newspaper that you link so I can give it to them.

I really really really hate it when perfectly good words are co-opted by disgusting people to mean ugly things. And I hate it even more when I innocently use the terms in their original meaning and get in trouble.

MerryMadMonk said...

That's what's great about being poor. If you get sued, you lose nothing.

You are not a CP. I can tell that from the way you write.

My granddaddy would take me coonhunting when I was a little boy. He had an old black and tan hound, named Black Gal. I guess that would qualify to some people as racist, too. Some CP would probably want to do a thesis on why he didn't name her Tan Gal, instead. Too late. The source has passed on and linked up with Black Gal at the Rainbow Bridge . . .

Now I'd apologize for getting you in trouble, but you should know better than to take Merry Mad Monk stuff to church. :p