Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina Relief: For Kids

If you live in the South, you most likely will have Katrina refugees near you.

Jett [All blogged up and nowhere to go] Superior shows us a way to help:

Katrina Kids Relief

Jett Superior is awesome!

Alright now, you corporate readers out there...I know you're there. Sitemeter tells me so. Jett's idea is something that everyone should want to sponsor. Shoot an email to your PR dudes. You can be proud that it was you that got your company involved.

[that's right, you House and Senate staffers, I know about you, too -- why don't you guys ever comment? hmmmm? Now that I think about it, your bosses would actually look good on C-SPAN (a rare thing) sponsoring a resolution supporting the Katrina Kids Relief effort]

Let's spread the word and the toys.

A few words from Jett (read more here):

What I want to address is a purely psychological need, a comfort need. I want to put some toys in the hands of kids that don't have anything to their names. I know, as a parent, if I have five bucks in my pocket, I will spend it on my children ninety-five point nine percent of the time before I spend it on myself. Just about every parent does that. It hurts when our children have to do without. It's distressing.

There are one-hundred fifty children down the road from me with NOTHING. There are likely, by all accounts, more coming up from down south. I plan on going to the local KBtoys and purchasing a veritable assload of twenty-dollar gift cards. I want to supply each child sitting in that convention hall a gift card. Then I want to load them and their parents up and take them shopping so that they can purchase whatever their heart desires for them to clench in their chubby little fists. I've already collected six-hundred dollars locally with just a few phone calls. I've lined up transportation so that I can take six to eight families at one time to shop.

The benefit of all this is threefold: Some of the Katrina Kids will have something to hang onto physically and anchor them, their parents will not be hard-pressed to spend funds that could go elsewhere, and maybe their children will be occupied/distracted enough with their toy(s) to give mom and/or dad a wee bit of a break.

Let's call this Katrina Kids Relief. If there is anyone who reads this and wants to pull a logo button out from their magical digital hats, I'd sure appreciate it, as I am a technotard of the highest order. If things get big enough (and they CAN, if you link and write and spread the word!), I'll maybe set up a seperate site and think of branching off into other areas of Katrina Kids' needs.

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