Monday, September 12, 2005

Korea: Anti-American Riots

Protestors clashing with riot police is nothing new in South Korea. It's been going on for 20 years. What is changing is the tone of the protests. They're becoming more and more anti-American.

Police block rioters brandishing bamboo sticks from approaching a statue of U.S. General Douglas MacArthur in Incheon's Freedom Park on Sunday.

When I see things like this, my first reaction is: Fuck 'em. Let's pull out and see how they like life under Kim Jong Il, the "dear" leader of North Korea.

Nice, huh?

But then I cool off. The anti-U.S. protestors don't represent the views of most South Koreans -- just as the anti-U.S. protestors here in the USA don't represent the views of most Americans.

Still, it's yet another example of some mighty damn ungrateful people.

And to add even more insult, the protest took place on September 11th.

From The Chosun:

Dozens were injured when groups calling for the removal of a statue of U.S. general Douglas MacArthur clashed with police in Incheon's Freedom Park on Sunday. The clashes came four days ahead of the 55th anniversary of the Incheon Landing of UN forces led by MacArthur that marked a turning point in the Korean War.

Some 4,000 members of progressive groups who had gathered in Sungeui Stadium in Incheon's Nam-gu started marching on the park at 1 p.m. to demand the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Korea and the removal of the monument to the U.S. general from Freedom Park. They arrived at the park around 4 p.m.


Participants tried to approach the statue wielding metal pipes and long bamboo poles and throwing eggs at riot police who had sealed off the area. When the protesters started slinging mud, police fought back brandishing shields, clubs and fire extinguishers. The clash soon descended into chaos, with both sides hurling stones that left many injured.

Some 20 of the protestors, including outspoken academic Park Beom-su of Kyung Hee University, were injured by stones thrown by police, and dozens of police sustained injuries in attacks with blunt instruments by the demonstrators.


The Gray Tie said...


I must admit when I first saw that picture of the flower heads my first thought was, "oh I was in a stupid play as a child with a costume like that."

Then I read what was ON the flowers.


MerryMadMonk said...

That's exactly how they're acting, too -- like children in a play.

It allows them to ignore the reality that the USA saved them and helped build them into an Asian Tiger ... and that we stand with their country against a whacked-out regime to the North who would have every last one of them eating poke salad and grub worms for the rest of their shortened lives....

Anonymous said...

Took your advice, sort of. But I am hidden. I know if you cannot "break it" then no one can. LOL But then what is the point?

Anonymous said...

it's strange how american people can sometimes be stupid and stubborn... Do u really think USA freed South Korea? Driving people to massacre themselves when they're from the same country isn't such a great thing.
It was nothing but fighting communism spreading...
Don't u know about the cold war?