Saturday, September 10, 2005

Meantime Down At The Barbershop

On a Saturday when Auburn is playing Mississippi State (Auburn 28 Miss St 0) and Alabama is playing Southern Mississippi, the talk was about 90% Katrina and about 10% football. 2 weeks after Katrina hit.

To anybody who knows anything about football season in Alabama, that is a good measure of Katrina's transcendency.

There were a couple of moments of note that had nothing to do with Katrina or football.

One involved Laura, but she made me promise not to blog about how all of us saw more than we were meant to see when she and her little boy jumped up to cheer an Auburn touchdown and her dear son lifted her skirt in celebration. Man, I mean he hiked it up high!

The other involved Max. Max did something really dumb.

There was this feller that pulled up in a pickup truck and in the back of that pickup truck was a dog the size of a shetland pony. Everyone was commenting on the size of that dog and how nobody would mess with that feller's truck or his dog.

Max, always one to stand out in a crowd (if not blessed with an abundance of common sense), says "I'm a-gonna go pet that puppy". To which Vern drawled, "Nice knowin' ya."

Well, Max ambles over to the back of that truck and proceeds to pet "that puppy" (a great big Great Dane).

Nothing happens. "That puppy" lets Max pet him.

Then Max takes a step back and turns to us with a big shit-eatin' grin on his face, as if to say, "See thar, tolt ya!"

When Max turns back toward the truck and takes a step forward to pet "that puppy" some more, "that puppy" put his mouth firmly over Max's head.

It was a Kodak moment.

"That puppy" let go of Max after a time (probably about 5 seconds) and Max staggered back toward the barbershop, blood trickling down the side of his face.

Yet another Kodak moment.

Vern did a "I told ya so". Max sheepishly replied, "Weren't the dawg's fault. I strayed into his space."

"Strayed?!", Vern shot back.

Something about the way Vern said that and the look on Max's face brought down the house.

Max was last seen making a wide berth around that truck with "that puppy", as he held his head with one hand and fished for his car keys with the other.

The talk then turned to the inadvisability of "straying" into a big dog's space . . .


Jo said...

ROFL!!!! I can picture it! Thanks for the laugh -- glad you are okay --

The Gray Tie said...

Funny! Did that really happen? lol

I sure wish you had trackbacks turned on. But there is a reason you do not, so I will not press the issue.

The Gray Tie said...

OH yeah, forgot....

ROLL TIDE! whoop whoop

OH GOD I hope you are NOT Southern Miss fan, but somehow I think that you are since you do NOT live in Louisiana like I had thought but you are close, so that tells me you must be in southern Miss? Southern Alabama? lol

Boy, I sure need to learn to shut up when I am ahead. The taste of my foot is not all that pleasant.

MerryMadMonk said...

Jo -- you're welcome :) and thanks.

TGT -- Really. If there were hidden TV cameras in that particular barbershop, it would be one of the top-rated shows on TV.

Re: ROLL TIDE! In the infamous words a former Alabama head coach (who met his Destiny):

"It's rolling, baby, it's rolling!"

But that doesn't really answer your questions. Hints are here and here.

The Gray Tie said...

Thank you. I enjoyed that, and now I know.