Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Not A Desperate Housewife: Blogging For Cody

Stacy, aka Not A Desperate Housewife, is devoting this week to her late-nephew, Cody.

4 years ago, Cody and seven of his friends were killed by a drunk driver.

Stacy shares her soul:

I was there the day he was born, June 30, 1980. I was so proud, I was an aunt. I remember our drive up to Wheatland, Wyoming vividly that day. It was beautiful and upon our arrival, he was there. So perfect, so exciting for my 11 year-old self. I gushed with emotion knowing that this was a spectacular chapter in life. Cody was the first grandchild born on both sides so he was special to many. I remember watching my eldest sister hold her baby and it was the first real example of mother and baby I had ever acknowledged.

In the coming years we often drove up to Wyoming to see them or they would come down to Denver to visit us. I watched this baby grow and felt more of a sibling attachment to him rather than aunt/nephew.

This was a boy that I loved dearly, he grew to be a spectacular young man. In the coming days I will tell you of his great accomplishments in his short 21 years.


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