Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I Seriously Doubt This Drudge Headline


That it is going to be a New York Times Page One story tomorrow makes it even more suspect.


Here's the NYT story U.S. Said to Weigh a New Approach on North Korea

Here's my initial take:

1. It's a recommendation from the dithering diplomats at the State Department, not a change in policy.
2. We might talk peace treaty IF North Korea gives up its nukes.

North Korea will view any departure from our current policy as a sign of weakness. Condi needs to get her people by the shorthairs and threaten to fire the next one who discloses internal discussions to the press. This is not a trial balloon from Condi. She's too smart for that. This is from some underling whose self-esteem is so low that he/she needs validation from the NYT.

UPDATE (5/18/06, 5:15pm CDT):

While Matt Drudge realizes that the MSM often use him to pimp a story, he doesn't seem to mind. Sometimes he just throws it up there to see if it'll stick. If he adds the revolving red-blue light, it's a good indication that he thinks the story is huge. If the story turns out to have legs, he will carry it for a couple of days with other reports from Reuters, AP, Breitbart, etc.

But if the story is a dog that won't hunt, Drudge pretty quickly let's it die. Thus, you will now see no trace of late last night's headline on his active page.

I wish he would be more discerning about his headlines and the red-blue light thing, but then he's the one with gazillions of hits a day and I'm just a monk.


From Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough, Inside The Ring, Friday, May 19, 2006:

Kim Jong-Hill

Bush administration officials say Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, a leading advocate of conducting peace talks with North Korea, has gone overboard in taking a conciliatory line on the regime in Pyongyang, as part of an effort to coax the communist regime back to the now-stalled six-part talks on its nuclear program.

One senior administration official said Mr. Hill's pro-North Korea bent has bordered on appeasement. Insiders say they privately are calling the diplomat in charge of the State Department's Asia policy "Kim Jong-Hill," after North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.

Mr. Hill has sought to block or slow President Bush's tougher posture toward North Korea that includes placing more restrictions on Pyongyang for its illegal activities, including currency counterfeiting, illegal drug trafficking and other sub rosa activities.

Christopher "Kim Jong" Hill


Janette said...

Seriously I read the headline a little earlier and I still feel sick. Unitl I hear it come out of Bush's mout I won't panic.

Deep breaths....

don't panic....

Janette said...

mout = mouth

What the heck? Proof reading is my friend!