Monday, May 08, 2006

The Next Director of the CIA?

For the Record:

If it's Mary Margaret Graham... we can kiss reform of the CIA goodbye.

One word best describes Mary Margaret: BUREAUCRAT. Her picture should be next to that word in the dictionary.

I can think of worse choices (David Shedd comes to mind) for Director, Central Intelligence Agency... but not much worse.

We (this nation) need a tough-as-nails leader and an innovative thinker at the CIA if we want to fix what's wrong with that agency. What we do NOT need is a BUREAUCRAT.

I'm not sold on General Mike Hayden. He was a good DIRNSA (Director, National Security Agency), but the CIA is another animal altogether. Some senators on the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence have expressed concern that GEN Hayden would be the wrong pick because he's military. That's not the concern I have.

Military or civilian -- we need someone who will kick ass on BUREAUCRATS and LEAKERS and who will let the clandestine side of the house do what needs to be done to help defeat the Islamists.


UPDATE: Today, the President nominated General Hayden.

General Michael V. Hayden

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Jed Babbin talks with Richard Miniter about the CIA

Both of these men know what they're talking about.


Stacy said...

Mcubed, you're back! Nice to see you.

MerryMadMonk said...

Dear well-favored, cutie, naked, Russian virgin model,

no, wait. wrong reply.


heya Stacy!

Janette said...

Monk you blog about as often as I do these days! Glad to see you around again.

As for Gen. Hayden I'm not sold on him either but really at this point I wonder if we shouldn't just scrap the CIA and start all over again. Okay, that's extreme but at the very least get rid of all the career desk jockeys who seem to think that it's okay to second guess and leak during war.

MerryMadMonk said...

Janette - I've hit that Forrest Gump point a few times. You know the one? "I'm done blogging now".

Scrapping the CIA has been seriously discussed among the Senate Intel Cmte folks more than once in the last 15 years. If I can find the "open hearing" testimony, I'll post it somewhere on here. I think we are at that crossroads again and it would be interesting to review some of the ideas that have been debated in the past.