Thursday, June 22, 2006

Army Raises Recruitment Age to 42

Some may choose to look at this as desperation on the part of the United States Army. They may be right.

I choose to look at it as an opportunity to point out some facts that should might make a lot of you uncomfortable.

About 93% of Americans, age 18-42, have never served a day in the military.

There are about 115 million Americans age 18-42.

@ 5.1 million of them are veterans
-- @ 365,000 (20-24)
-- @ 670,000 (25-29)
-- @ 1,008,000 (30-34)
-- @ 1,332,000 (35-39)
-- @ 1,732,000 (40-44)
@ 1.4 million of them are on Active Duty in the Army (@ 490,000), Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard
@ 1.2 million are in the Guard and Reserves

@ 107 million Americans, age 18-42, have never served.

In other words, even accounting for the mentally and physically disabled, there are a whole bunch of people that are eligible to wear...

...combat boots.

Opportunity knocks:


Alabama said...

I didn't wear combat boots but a sailor's cap instead. That still count? I did check into joining the Army reserve lately and they won't take a single parent.

MerryMadMonk said...

Of course that counts, you ol' pirate!

e. nonee moose said...

"About 93% of Americans, age 18-42, have never served a day in the military."

That can be changed pretty quickly with a draft...