Friday, June 16, 2006

The Man on Page 602

After 31 years, the mystery is solved.

I suspected as much.

(For Miss C, Miss H, Miss M and Miss J)


GM Roper said...

Was this advertisement cleared with the ASPCA? NO? How about with PETA? No again? OK, how about ... ROTFLMBO

Laura said...

Thanks, Monk. I spewed coke all over my monitor! You are a warped man!

p.s. always thought he looked a little too pretty :)

MerryMadMonk said...

GM - I think, in this case, the folks at PETA would have a conflict of interest.

Laura - a) you shouldn't do coke, that's illegal. b) I'm not the one with a gerbil in my drawers. c) does this mean you no longer have that ad framed?

Miss C - In your email, you expressed shock - shock! - that I would engage in "gerbil porn". I will only note that I am shocked that you would know what "gerbil porn" is.

Anonymous said...

Wow,,,all these years never knew..