Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Marines Humiliated by TSA Security Guards

Yet another reason why there should be a house-cleaning at the Transportation Security Administration:

The Marine Corps is livid over the mistreatment of three Marines at the hands of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in Philadelphia last month.

According to a Marine Corps memo we obtained, three Marines were "humiliated" by TSA security guards while escorting the body of Marine Sgt. Lea R. Mills, 21, who was killed April 28 along with two others in Al Anbar province, Iraq, by an improvised explosive device.

Sgt. Mills' body was being moved from Dover Air Force Base through Philadelphia International Airport en route to her final resting place in Gulfport, Miss., on May 3. The three Marines who were accompanying the casket, Sgt. John C. Stock, Cpl. Aaron J. Bigalk and Cpl. Jason A. Schadeburg, were forced to remove their dress blue uniforms, belts and shoes, which were then scanned. They were then "patted down" by TSA inspectors.


Dollface said...

Please visit my blog for another TSA nightmare story. (the links section is in a mess since the update by blogspot, so scroll to the bottom.) I am collecting nightmare TSA stories.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for posting this, It was so horrible and I hope it never happens again. Lea ( who by the way is, was and extrodinary Man, I know the spelling of his first name throws folks off, it's a family name) I am sad to report, marine John Stock who accompanied Lea home has also been KIA. I hope the TSA never dishonors another soldier, escort or family like this again, but it is good to know others, like this site will call them to account.
Thank You