Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just When I Think I'm Back

I'm gone again.

"This affair must hang in suspense no longer. Sweep the field with the bayonet."
-- T.J. "Stonewall" Jackson

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Are You Still Mad?

Yes? Good.

It's been almost 5 years since the cowardly attack upon our people and our nation -- to me, it seems only days ago.

This fight has really just started. It's not going to be over anytime soon. Maybe when the knuckleheads realize that when they fuck with the United States of America things end very badly for them, we will be able to see the beginning of the end of this particular struggle.

It is an epic battle between good and evil -- and in this world, good does not always win. But if we stay strong... if we maintain our warrior spirit, we will win this one for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We can't expect to look much beyond that.

The warrior spirit. I trust that it is still alive and well in this nation.

They need to be worried about what we might do...not the other way around.

And I can't help but add this thought: Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, et al. What have they contributed lately to humanity save misery and suffering. Would we really miss them if they were wiped off the map tomorrow?

I might miss the pyramids.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Trouble in the Wind for Security Firms

... and potential trouble for securing this nation.

The trial lawyers are salivating:

Blackwater loses bid to move suit to federal court

Blackwater loses appeal in deaths of four in Iraqi city

Blackwater suit stays in N.C. court:

A wrongful-death lawsuit filed by families of Americans killed and strung up on a bridge in Iraq stays in a North Carolina state court, the federal appeals court in Richmond ruled yesterday.

Three judges of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided they had no jurisdiction to hear the appeal filed by Blackwater Security Consulting, the Moyock, N.C.-based company that employed the four dead men.

The families initially filed the lawsuit in state court. Blackwater wanted the case tried in U.S. District Court and tried to move it there.

But the federal judge found that his court lacked jurisdiction in the matter and sent it back to state court. Blackwater appealed.

The lawsuit makes wrongful-death and fraud claims.

This has been below the radar screen, but we need to start paying attention. This nation made a decision to maintain a small military -- we do that, in part, by contracting out more and more military-related work.

We cannot have our cake and eat it, too.

Either we radically increase the size of our military or change the laws pertaining to defense security consulting.

If we do nothing, the trial lawyers will tie our hands in defending this country.