Monday, May 01, 2006

Janet Hale, Department of Homeland Security

Now ain't this a daisy? From Drudge comes this pointer to a Washington Post story that is just ... just ... something:

Prostitution Alleged In Cunningham Case, Investigators Focus on Limo Company

So how does Janet Hale fit into this, Monk? I'm gettin' to that part.

Our tax dollars are paying for a convicted criminal to provide limo service to senior officials of the Department of Homeland Security -- the same limo service that is transporting whores to hook up with congressmen.

Christopher D. Baker, president of Shirlington Limousine and Transportation Inc., has a lengthy criminal record that includes drug possession, attempted petty larceny, attempted robbery and car theft. Christopher D. Baker has had huge financial problems - both personal and business.

The Department of Homeland Security rewarded Mr. Baker with two contracts worth about 25 million dollars.


Mr. Baker appears to have been the sole bidder for the contract under a government PRO-graaaaaaaaam that LIMITS COMPETITION to businesses in poor neighborhoods. How nice and politically correct!

Janet Hale is the Undersecretary for Management at DHS. She is responsible for budget, appropriations, expenditure of funds, accounting and finance; procurement; human resources and personnel; information technology systems; facilities, property, equipment, and other material resources; and identification and tracking of performance measurements relating to the responsibilities of the Department.

Janet Hale was the person who approved spending 25 FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS of OUR MONEY on a convict who has an extensive criminal history.

How Proud She Must Be

So yeah, I'm pretty pissed off at Janet Hale about that.

But what is just damn near unbelievable is that this involves the Department of Homeland Security -- at a time when we are at war with savages who just a few years ago slaughtered thousands of our fellow citizens. Savages who are NOT done with killing us. Savages who demand that we either convert to their twisted religious ideology or die by the sword of Islam.

How much easier can we make it for the savages of al-Qaeda?! Afterall, they are NOT stupid savages. Hell, just start a limo service in a poor neighborhood and Janet Hale and the Department of Homeland Security will award you 25 FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS to transport their senior officials.

Don't even get me started about why we're paying 25 FUCKING MILLION DOLLARS for limo service.

It's not hard to get our heads around that kind of money when we think of what "only one million dollars" will buy.

For instance, "only one million dollars" will buy about 25 of these:

Hell, Janet, just give me 25 of those bad boys and my retired buddies and I will transport your pathetic asses for free. We all have Special Background Investigations and we are all trained marksmen. What more could you ask for??

And Janet, if you're reading this and take me up on my offer, throw in one of these for the team leader (me):

500 horsepower, 8.3-liter, Viper-powered V-10, fire engine-red, Dodge Ram pickup truck

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