Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Way Things Work in The Third World and Louisiana

Pardon the redundancy.

The U.S. Congress gives Louisiana $12 Billion dollars (OUR tax dollars - from all 50 states) for Hurricane Katrina recovery.

The Louisiana legislature creates a Disaster Recovery Unit to spend that $12 Billion dollars through community development block grants (a recipe for graft).

Bryant Hammett, Jr. (Democrat-Ferriday [Little Port-au-Prince], Louisiana), Chairman of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee, applies for a job in the new Disaster Recovery Unit which he helped create.

Grinnin' like a possum eatin' grapes

Bryant Hammett, Jr., who is tight with that national disgrace and thoroughly incompetent governor, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, alternately insists that:

a) he saw an advertisement for the job on a website.
b) a friend told him about the job.

Bryant Hammett, Jr., also the sole owner of Bryant Hammett & Associates LLC, a civil engineering and land surveying business that benefited from state contracts while he was Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, doesn't see a problem with applying for the job.

Neither does the Louisiana Board of Ethics (talk about oxymorons). The Louisiana Board of Ethics says it's OK for Hammett to take the job.

[Kinda reminds me of that old song: You ain't done nothin' wrong, but you ain't done nothin' right.]

Bryant Hammett, Jr. resigns his position (he was term limited to 2008) in the legislature which he has held for 15 years.

Bryant Hammett, Jr. gets the $140,000/year job as Infrastructure Manager/Senior Engineer for the Disaster Recovery Unit which will dole out the $12 Billion dollars.

Bryant Hammett & Associates LLC will be precluded from doing any work for the Disaster Recovery Unit, BUT the firm could be a subcontractor on jobs involving regular Community Development Block Grant funding and continue to do work for other state agencies AND local governments EVEN IF they (the local governments) receive Disaster Recovery Unit funding.

$12 Billion dollars taken involuntary from the pocketbooks of taxpayers across the nation and sent to Louisiana to be spent as Bryant Hammett, Jr. sees fit.

It's enough to make a rabbit spit in a pitbull's face.

Legislator takes job to help rebuild state
Rep. Hammett to resign, will direct rebuilding
Ferriday legislator considers recovery job
Hammett Considers New Job
Hammett considers new job

If you want to learn more about how Louisiana works -- and we all should since we've given the state $12 Billion dollars -- then don't miss this excellent blog: Louisiana Political News Service


Anonymous said...

This is the most rediculous article I have ever read. I worked with Rep. Hammett at his Engineering and Surveying Firm. He is a very smart man and he will make sure that the rebuilding of New Orleans will be done right. He didn't take the position just to make more money or have the jobs given to his personal Engineering Firm. This is rediculous and whoever wrote this, I wished you would give your name like a real man.

MerryMadMonk said...


Thanks for commenting and offering your opinion. While your defense of Bryant Hammett is somewhat less than persuasive, I can understand your consternation given that you once worked for him. Could you be more specific about what you find ridiculous in the above post? If there is anything not factual, let me know. I welcome corrections based on fact. I'm a little less generous toward ramblings based on emotion. In the meantime, please consider taking some remedial spelling lessons. Otherwise, people might think you are from Concordia Parish.

Oh yeah, and this: "...give your name like a real man". Is the irony lost on you or are you just plain stupid or both, Anonymous?

Administrator said...

Bryant Hammett is a friend of mine and I dont find the article rediculous at all. He has been responsible for a lot of good things in the parish. All in all id give him a thumbs up for his local work but Im just not to crazy about his bonds with Blanco. That little smoking tax was going to cost me an extra $750.00 bucks a year! Monks right about the money. I bet the Gold Club will see a good bit of that $12 BILLION. I Dont blame him for taking the job. Its a once in a liftime experiance. I had a shot or two with him in the bar a week before he resigned and I felt obligated to give him a complimentery fairwell on the underground site.
Anyway, I dig your blog since we have mutual feelings about Gene Allen and the money machine. Dont be spell checking me either Monk

Anonymous said...

How does his firm benefit now that he has resigned his $140000/year job, taken over the LDWF at $109000/year. Does this move allow his firm to get bigger and better contracts????????